In order to achieve our project of valorization of the products resulting from the degradation of green algae, we explored the perceived impact and the implications that our project would have on society but also on the environment.

As part of the stakeholder analysis, we met with representatives of different stakeholder groups : mayors of municipalities affected by the green tide phenomenon, and scientists.

We have finally completed the work initiated in 2020 that you can find here :

Our 2020 IGem Project

This allowed us to understand our project and helped us to improve and design it in a way that it would be accepted and in accordance with the needs and expectations of the stakeholders and the society in general.

To reach a wider audience, we conducted a statistical survey oriented by age and profile of the respondents. You can find more information about this on the Integrated HP page

Beyond our project itself, the popularization of science through events or with the design of a board game and activities for the public was at the core of our project.