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Team Members
Siyuan (Teresa) Zhou
Hello folks, I am Siyuan (Teresa) Zhou from Shanghai, China. I am currently a freshman studying in Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. I am fascinated by chemistry, biology, and gene editing technology. As a member of the dry team, I also enjoy propagandizing and doing HP activities. I took part in writing science promoting articles, designing questionnaire, and doing background information research, etc. Outside the field of this program, I am a big fan of maths and social science. In here I met like-minded people who are of profound knowledge as well as great humor. It’s truly fun to collaborate with my supportive team members to thrive for an epic result.
Yike(Becky )Liu
Hi, guys! I’m Becky Liu from Zhengzhou Foreign Language School. I am a member in the dry team from PEToracity. I have strong interests in social science, especially in the humanities aspect. I am also addictive to exercising such as long-distance running and playing table tennis. Being a member in this team, I could not only learn a lot about the biological knowledge and communicate with outstanding peers, but also know how to do a research, an interview or writing a publicizing passage. With so many excellent and versatile teammates, I believe this program will be an excellent opportunity to bring out the best of myself and foster academic ability.
Meihui Wu
Hi everyone, my name is Meihui Wu. I’m currently studying at Basis International School Park Lane Harbor. I love to try new things and explore new fields, for example, I’m learning and practicing boxing during this summer break. I’m also a big fan of hand-crafting, movies, and the MONOPOLY game. This is the first time I participate in iGEM as a member of the dry team. I think this is a very helpful experience for me to learn how to collaborate with my teammates to perfect our project. I particularly like the part that iGEM is a comprehensive project including both modern biology and social practices. I’m pretty confident about our team and looking forward to our final result!!
Hello guys! I'm Claire Xu, 17 years old old from Jiangsu Tianyi High School in China. This is my frist time participating in the IGEM competition. I show a lot of interest in Biology and Psychology. I'm willing to listen to, communicate and collaborate with people. The competition offers me the opportunity to access different people from different places and have a deep understanding of the specific academic knowledge. Finally, I believe with our joint efforts, we can win the competition.
Yining (Wendy) Wu
Hi, I’m Yining (Wendy) Wu from China. I am currently studying at YK Pao School in Shanghai. Coincidentally, business studies and biology are my two favorite academic subjects which are also the two most notable parts of iGEM project. Plus, I got some other skills that can help me complete this project better, for instance art. In spare time I usually go rock climbing and hiking at suburbs around the city to take a break from the stress of schoolwork. I am grateful to be a part of the dry team of iGEM PEToracity, it allows me to get in touch with both publicity, human practice , marketing and so on.
Hi folks, My name is Sarah Li and I am a rising junior in Charlotte Latin School. I was born in Wenzhou, China, but I am currently studying in Charlotte, NC, United States. I am interested in music, engineering, and math. I am happy to be a part of the 2021 iGEM PEToracity team, also I am very grateful to meet all our group members. In our team, I take part in writing the wiki web, interviewing professors, and generating ideas. I hope I could enjoy the journey with iGEM and explore more in the dry team!
Jingxiang(Eric ) Gao
Hi I'm Eric. I'm a Y12 student at YK Pao school. I love kickboxing, anatomy, determinism, data analysis, and squishy science (biology). I don't enjoy being stood up and forgotten. I am always ready to help those in need, but I could be a bit too enthusiastic sometimes.
Haozhe (Cathy) Zhu
Hi my name is Cathy. I am now a 12th-grade student at YK Pao School. This year is a tough year, but luckily, I could enjoy myself in the subjects that I love -- Chemistry and Biology! Outside of school, I would like to dedicate myself to reading and calligraphy. They help me to calm down and better focus on my tasks later on. I also love cute animals like dogs and cats!
Yina Li
I'm a senior at YK Pao School. I really enjoy loving biology, especially when it overlaps with every facet of daily life. I also participate in the swimming varsity and play tennis as well. This is my first time participating in iGEM, and I will use every power to help my teammates.
Shiqian (Carrie) Wang –
I am Shiqian Wang, a twelfth grader from Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. I am fascinated by the infinitesimal world of microbes and viruses.
Zhaoyang(Yung) Liu
I'm now a 12th grader from YK Pao School. I love biology, especially zoology and herpetology. I'm a reptile breeder and also a huge boxing fan.
Diane Tang
I'm a senior at YK Pao School. I'm a biology fanatic and also am really into chemistry. I'm very excited to be able to engage in experiments and use my knowledge to solve real-world issues.
Yantong (Joanne) Zhou
I am a senior at George School. Growing up, I’ve always been fascinated by the world of science, specifically how the biological, mechanical, and physiological factors that enable the human body to function. My academic curiosity is in perfect alignment with my passion for sports. I love playing ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and lacrosse. I also enjoy baking because it is really therapeutic and calming.
Yilin Gu
I am a senior student at YK Pao School. With an interest in hiking since primary school, I fell in love with biology, environmental science, and wonderful nature. Apart from my favorite subjects, I also love making artworks, playing instruments, and singing.
Junqi (Felix) Fan
I am from G11, Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. Interested in biochemistry since junior high school, I consider this competition an opportunity to put the theories that I have learned in textbooks and classrooms in practice, and I am positive about the business applicability of our biotechnology of degrading PET through bacterial treatment.
Yuan(David) Gao
I am a twelfth grader from World Foreign language academy. I am pretty interested in bio-pharmaceuticals since middle school, and the iGEM program provides me with an ideal platform to apply my knowledge into practice. My techniques in both LAB performance, as well as team collaboration, greatly improved.
Yuyan (Alethea) Huang
I am from G11, Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. I especially love biochemistry and neuroscience among different subjects. Participating in IGEM project provides a great opportunity for me to experience lab life and take a further step to explore Biology.
Yusheng (Tony) Li
I am a twelfth grader from World Foreign Language Academy I am particularly interested in molecular biology that studies the molecular mechanisms behind biological procedures. For this reason, the iGEM program is an excellent opportunity for me to apply my current knowledge and contribute to teamwork.
Ziyan (Yolanda) Liu
I am a twelfth grader from World Foreign Language Academy. While having a general interest in biology, I am especially pulled by neuroscience and genetics. I very much enjoyed this iGEM program as it helps set me on the right path to my future study.
Yunqing(Tina) Wang
I am from G11, Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. My passion lies in neuroscience and genetics study related fields. Working as a wet team member in iGEM was a fascinating lab experience for me.
Shu Yang
I am a senior student from Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. Besides interest in biological fields of genetics and biochemistry, I myself with interdisciplinary research between and beyond STEM courses.