Team:WFLA YK PAO/Implementation


Recently, at the European Society of Gastroenterology, research confirmed for the first time that up to nine types of microplastics have been monitored in human feces. Moreover, in some animal observation experiments, scientists have found that these particles can cause blood clots and that airborne plastic particles can reside deep in the lungs, leading to a variety of diseases, including cancer.
Based on the information the previous scientists have given, the engineered probiotic our team develops can have a promising future since it tackles microplastics and hence helps us with degrading the excessive amounts of microplastics in the body.
In current society, plastics is everywhere around our life. The microplastics used in cosmetics to replace natural exfoliating ingredients, the shiny glitter in whitening toothpastes, and the polypropylene microbeads used to exfoliate skin, and open pores in scrub products are all sources of microplastics in-taken by women. They consume large amounts of microplastics in their daily makeup and makeup removal products. In the long run, when they realize the large amount of microplastics entering their bodies, their demand for our products will spike.
Also, as now formula is gradually replacing breast milk, and more and more babies are drinking formula at an early age. However, many commercially available baby products, such as bottles and pacifiers, are made of plastic. When milk powder is brewed in hot water, a large amount of microplastics is released and drunk by infants and toddlers. When microplastics are enriched in large quantities in infants and toddlers, it will bring harm to their physical development from childhood. So we can join the children's market and add engineered probiotic to milk powder or beverages to increase awareness and keep children safe.
Our range of audience is very wide, in order to let the public better accept and buy, we choose to make the form of probiotic drinks. This is not only popular, but is convenient for people to ingest.
To fulfil our implementation, several key issues should be taken into consideration:
1. We want to conduct more clinical trials to ensure that our probiotic drinks do work in people of all ages and to ensure that the potential for allergies is reduced. We will further extend the shelf life of engineered probiotics and enhance the preservation environment
2. We want to expand the reach of our products to attract more investors to trust us and invest.
3. We will actively respond to the government's policy on plastic restriction and contribute to the protection of the environment and human body. We also need to implement product safety further so that we can comply with food safety laws.
4. We need to further adjust our marketing strategy to maintain stable sales. We will strive to go for big brand cooperation and co-branding.
It is also welcome to visit our entrepreneurship page, on which a specific business plan has been documented.