Team:WFLA YK PAO/Fundraising


In the fundraising part, our team did a presentation on our topic, microplastics degradation, in a meeting room inside an office building with workers from education, technology, and science fields. After we settled ourselves and most of the audience arrived, we had a warm-up session. We briefly displayed our peripheral products to them and encouraged them to subscribe to our WeChat official account. Some purchased our product though for a small amount. Then we began our presentation. We designed and created a Bilibili interactive video about microplastics beforehand. The viewers could answer questions and have a basic understanding of our topic through this video. We projected the video to the screen and led our audience through the questions one by one. After giving them the background knowledge, we went on to present our slides. The presenters talked about the potential danger of microplastics on human health in detail to further emphasize the purpose of our project. They also explained the central idea of our synthetic biology experiment. The second part was the business plan which included our commercial projections (drinks) on the application of the intestinal bacteria. At the end of the presentation, we displayed the peripheral products, and the sale increased apparently. We sold almost a third of our inventories during this phase. Continuing, our team visited other offices in the building to sell our peripheral products. A lot of them showed great interest in our design and idea and were willing to encourage their colleagues to support us. Overall, the fundraising part earns us some profits and public attention.