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Goukaku-Tenshi (合格の天使) Financial Assistance
Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. Financial Assistance
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Promega Corporation Financial Assistance
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Prof. Shunpei ISHIKAWA Financial Assistance
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. Free DNA Support
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National Bio-Resource Project (NBRP) Provided pRS316
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This project is supported by UTokyo Foundation.

Human Practices Supports

Dr. Minematsu is an expert in wound nursing, and gave us advices on our hardware: the device should help the wounds of bedsore patients heal, and should be easy to be treated by those who are not familiar with medical science.

Prof. Takeuchi is an expert in biohybrid systems, and give us advices on our use of cell fibers: it will be definitely useful for confining cells and leaking out molecules, and fiber-like shape is best for our purpose.

Dr. Higashimura is a specialist in geriatric nursing and an experienced home care nurse, and talked to us on the actuality of home nursing: home nursing care is more and more needed, and the current assessment of pressure ulcers is sometimes difficult.

Decubitus Ulcer Patient and Family Association. Some of them are caring for their family with pressure ulcers at home. They gave us some insights on the actual situation of bedsore care: they said infection control of deep wounds is difficult. Also, they talked their opinion on the use of GM organisms: they are not so concerned about them regarding the use of healing.

ALCARE Co., Ltd. Engineers from ALCARE, a company that manufactures and sells wound dressings, gave us feedback on our initial project: detecting infection is important, and then we reoriented our project.

Dr. Sanada and Dr. Nakagami are experts in geriatric nursing, and gave us some insights on bacterial infections. We realized that detecting biofilm is important to monitor the infection.

For more information on what we have discussed them on our project, please see Integrated Human Practices page.

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