Synbio Adhesive Bandage to Improve care of bedsores in an aging society

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Synbio Bandage to Change the Bedsore Care

In Japan, the aging of population is becoming a serious problem. One of the medical conditions that should be taken care of regularly in an aging society is bedsores, which often occur in elderly people who spend a lot of time in bed. Our project proposes a new way to treat bedsores with bandages made by techniques of synthetic biology.

Cure with the Power of Yeasts

Inside of our bio-tech bandages is filled with genetically-modified yeasts, which will provide three core functions: 1. Monitering of the healing of wounds through oxygen concentration 2. wounds sanitation by secreting antimicrobial peptides 3. detection of the bacterial infection to wounds. These implementations will make it possible for non-medical personnel to manage pressure ulcers.

Cellfiber Keeps Yeasts Safely

The centerpiece of our product application is cell fiber, that is, thin, semi-permeable, hollow fibers with living cells aligned inside. While the semi-permeability makes cell fiber an ideal material of a bandage, hollow-structured fiber provides an innovative way of containing living cells. This technology has recentry invented in our university, and we pave a way to use the structure in the field of healthcare.