Team:UNSW Australia/Experiments


This section outlines the Wet Lab experiments performed for the project (to read about our in silico studies, see Project Modelling).

The experiments we performed to assess the function of heat shock proteins and glutathione system are mainly based on survival and/or growth assay with additional experiments to generate supporting evidence.

Glutathione System
Glutathione is a ubiquitous antioxidant that neutralises excess ROS. We planned experiments to test the implementation of an inducible glutathione system that upregulates glutathione production when subjected to oxidative stress.
Heat Shock Proteins
Heat shock proteins are protein chaperones that prevent protein aggregation and denaturation during heat stress. Heat shock proteins were introduced into an E. coli chassis to test its growth and survivability under high temperatures.

Protocols & Safety

Click here for the protocols used and the associated safety considerations.


Wet Lab’s notebook to keep track of their experiments with the heat shock protein before COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.