Team:UI Indonesia/Notebook

Our Journey: iGEM Universitas Indonesia 2021

Our story in iGEM Universitas Indonesia 2021 actually started in early 2020 as we planned to be involved in the 2020 iGEM Competition. However, the pandemic striked badly, affected our country and of course restricted our access to our laboratory. The team composition underwent several changes and participation was postponed for 1 year.

We then reformed the iGEM UI team, started the brainstorming and finalized the project from November 2020 up to April 2021. Social media campaigns started in parallel. Our engineering cycle was done simultaneously, continuously learning from the model and update literature, then revised the system as needed.

We participated in and hosted some scientific meetings, introducing SynBio, iGEM, and our project. And of course, our culmination is at the Giant Jamboree, November 2021.

November - December 2020
Team reformation and recruitment

January 2021
Project brainstorming

February - April 2021
Project conceptualization and system design

April 2021
Start social media education and public engagement

April 2021
Plasmid and primer design started

April 2021
Experimental design started

June 2021
iGEM DNA distribution kit has arrived

July 2021
Kinetic and mathematical modelling

July 2021
Online training IHVCB
Due to the pandemic we are not able to use the laboratory as IHVCB is used mainly for the COVID-19 research and some restrictions are applied, however online training is done

July 2021
iGEM Indonesia first meeting
We initiate the iGEM Indonesia meeting, see more on Collaboration section

August 2021
iGEM UGM Synbio Festival
We initiate the iGEM Indonesia meeting, see more on Collaboration section

September 2021
iGEM UI Synbio webinar
We host a webinar about synthetic biology, see more on Education and Communication section

October 2021
Wiki freeze

November 2021
Giant Jamboree