Team:UI Indonesia/Medal Requirements


Number Name Explanation Checklist
1 Competition Deliverables Wiki, presentation video, judging form

2 Attributions Completed attributions Attributions
3 Project Description A brief description of Helicostrike Project Description
4 Contribution Documentation of parts:
pCopA (BBa_K1555000)
Proteinase-K (BBa_K1149035)
Number Name Explanation  
1 Engineering Success Performing an engineering success Engineering Success
2 Collaboration Our collaboration with 6 iGEM teams Collaboration
3 Human Practices We believe our project represent our responsibility to a better world and of course is beneficial Human Practices
4 Proposed Implementation Real world application and implementation Proposed Implementation
Number Name Explanation  
1 Integrated Human Practices Involving every component: academician, government, industry, and ofcourse society to develop our product and vice versa Integrated Human Practices
2 Project Modeling Kinetic modelling as the base of our wet lab design and implementation Project Modeling
3 Education & Communication Educate and communicate to the society about iGEM and our project Education & Communication