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Bronze Medal

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Visit our Team and Attributions page to find our roles in conducting this Auviola project. You can also find the role of supporting parties as our heroes in this competition.

Project Description

This page describes our background and approach to our project as well as how the idea came to us. Kindly visit our Description page.

This Auviola project engineers C. violaceum to have more cyanide-regulating genes, resulting in a better gold bioleaching process.


In this page, we specified our parts and several potential contributions for the future iGEM teams. Kindly check our Contribution page.

This Auviola project engineers C. violaceum to have more cyanide-regulating genes, resulting in a better gold bioleaching process.

Silver Medal

Engineering Success

We have passed through various stages in C. violaceum engineering, such as HCN production, HCN degradation, and arabinose converter system designing. Visit our Engineering page for the details.


The UGM Indonesia iGEM team collaborated with many other iGEM teams throughout the year. It includes collaboration with iGEM Moscow City, iGEM Korea HS, iGEM UI Indonesia, and iGEM UB Indonesia that became our guests in the UGM Synbio Online Festival 2021, Collaboration with iGEM Duesseldorf in postcard challenge, iGEM Manchester in Codeathon event. We have created a Collaborations page to outline these collaborations.

Human Practices

We constructed our human practice framework that consists of 4 steps, aimed to be able to collect as much information and consideration from many different points of view; community, stakeholders, environment, and scientific point of view. This way, we can get the bigger picture of what the community needs, the stakeholders want, and how science can close the gap. We also created an online webinar to raise awareness of synthetic biology and its potentials to the high school students, university students, and general public. Check out our Human Practices page to learn more.

Proposed Implementation

Implementing Auvola in the real world requires several considerations. To minimize any of the risks, our team plans to implement Auviola in a closed bioreactor. This enables us to have more control over the environment that the bacteria will live in, the growth, and also the proliferation of the bacteria. Considering operational costs, we also create an economic measurement model to ensure this method is profitable for Artisanal Small Scale Gold Mining. For further details please check our Proposed implementation page.