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Parts Collection

All of the parts we used

by Madison Hypes

These are the parts that we used!

Our project proved that endogenous iron response binding proteins will reduce the translation of transient expression vectors in CHO cells. Iron responsive elements can be inserted into any 5’UTR using our software, Foldase, and researchers will be able to see a steady but decreased translation rate of their desired product. Listed below are the parts we used in our experiments and the Iron Responsive Elements we found to work best. For questions about part usage or design contact Madison Hypes at


BBa_K4094000ReporterVSV-GMadison Hypes1536
BBa_K4094001RegulatoryWild-Type IRE-35 Ferritin. 5'UTR containing a translation regulation sequence Iron Responsive Element. Ferritin Wild-Type IRE at position 35 in mammalian expression 5'UTR.Madison Hypes93
BBa_K4094002RegulatoryNo IRE. Control for stem loop translation regulation. No IRE inserted into the 5'UTR.Madison Hypes57
BBa_K4094003RegulatoryWIld-Type IRE-17. Regulatory Ferritin Wildtype IRE in the 5'UTR at position 17.Madison Hypes93
BBa_K4094004RegulatoryP2A. Self-cleaving peptide.Madison Hypes66
BBa_K4094005ReporterddYFP. EYFP with ecDHFR (dihydofolate reductase region). Stabilized by TMP (trimethoprim) ligand.Madison Hypes1197
BBa_K4094006SignalingH2B. Nuclear localization sequence. Histone A.Madison Hypes384
BBa_K4094007Terminator3' UTR Betaglobin sequence.Madison Hypes228
BBa_K4094008CompositeSignaling proteins ddYFP and VSVG separated by P2A. H2B nuclear localization signals attached to ddYFP for cell imaging.Madison Hypes3411
BBa_K4094010RegulatoryIRE Control 17. Control stem loop with no binding affinity. At position 17 in 5'UTR.Madison Hypes93
BBa_K4094011RegulatoryIRE Control 35. Control stem loop with no binding affinity. At position 35 in 5'UTR.Madison Hypes93
BBa_K4094012RegulatoryCMV (cytomegalovirus) promotor enhancer.Madison Hypes380
BBa_K4094018RegulatorySV40 PromotorMadison Hypes380