Medal | iGEM Project Cargo

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by Jason Hu

Bronze: ✔ Competition deliverables Wiki, judging sheet, promotional video, ✔ Description ✔ Contribution Foldase coding bundle and usage guide, Complete CHO culturing guide ✔ Attribution Silver: ✔ Engineering Success Verification of Foldase, TMP validation, destabilized validation, imaging validation ✔ Collaboration Team Santa Cruz and Team Stanford ✔ Human Practices ✔ Proposed Implementation Foldase bundle, proposed workflow an vaccine designing, Gold: ✔ Integrated Human Practices Ethical interview methodology, groundwork for future research into vaccine inequity ✔ Project Modeling Foldase processing, TMP stabilization graph ✔ Proof of Concept Putative Moderna vaccine folding simulation, membrane integrating and destabilized YFP plasmid system design for cumulative and rate assessment of translation ✔ Education and Communication Davis Senior High School synthetic biology talks with an emphasis on giving students an introduction to lab techniques and essential advice on how to succeed regardless of career.