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Team members

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Romane Ducloux

Wiki & Dry lab leader

Romane is the gentle strength of the team. She does not always get to the lab on time but we forgive her because she's the wiki Queen. Romane has become a real hacker, she is a Dry Lab and html coding expert (watch out for your computers). She is always willing to participate in team building and never misses an outing. Romane is always hungry, but when it comes to her culinary tastes, we will let you check it out with her: she's not picky, she just does not like the same things as you…

Thomas Gaudin

Wet Lab & Human Practices Leader

This great scientist is always patient in explaining all the secrets of synthetic biology (even the most foolish). As the Wet Lab leader, he makes sure that everything is tidy in the laboratory (beware of agarose gel at the bottom of the sink). Even though the lab is his second home, Thomas is also an artist! Painter, drawer, great player (...), he likes to keep an eye on the artistic parts of the project. Thomas was a magpie in another life and loves guava juice.

Margaux Haon

Entrepreneurship & Wiki Leader

Margaux is the joker of the team, she always has a little joke to slip into the conversations. Impossible to get bored with her! She doesn't have a green thumb, but she has golden fingers when it comes to successful manipulation. She is our entrepreneurship leader, she spends her free time evaluating the feasibility of our business project. She loves to manipulate and learn new techniques.

Maxence Holtz

Finance & Dry lab Leader

Maxence has a superpower: he loses everything he touches. Fortunately, his head is full: a real thinking machine! Maxence is a fan of cyanobacteria, he looks after them as if they were his own children. He is the king of finance and fills our pockets with money! In addition to the Dry Lab and Finance, he is the Music leader at the lab, despite his sometimes questionable tastes. He does everything to motivate us.

Camille Pin

Organisation & Human Practices Leader

She is the mother of the team! Always very organized and aware of everything, she takes care of everyone. If you have a dad joke, do not hesitate to tell her, she is a very good audience. If you cannot see her (because she is small), she must be behind her book. She does not sleep much and is always the first to arrive at the lab. Camille can do everything: lab work, organization, communication, human practices … You need her in your team!

Manon Theys

Communication & Human Practices Leader

Manon is a bachata champion, as soon as the music gets a bit caliente you are sure to find her wiggling somewhere in the lab! Without her, our instagram publications would not be as successful and thanks to her communication skills, we managed to recruit important contributors to the project. Her beloved pastime in the lab is monitoring the growth of cyanobacteria with her favorite spectrophotometer!


Our mascott

Hey! My name is Violette and I am the mascot of the IGEM Toulouse team. I followed their adventures and I revealed to them all the secrets of my dear violet to help them giving back its voice.

Romane Thomas Margaux Maxence Camille Manon Violette


Brice Enjalbert

Lecturer in the Blade team at TBI

Brice is our PI. He is always available to answer our questions, like a lighthouse in the fog.

Ambre Jousselin

Lecturer at CBI

Ambre is our second PI. She is studying RNA from Staphylococcus aureus. She meticulously monitors our manipulations, even at distance, like a good fairy.

Pierre Millard

Researcher in the MetaSys team at TBI

Pierre is responsible for the modeling part of the project (and luckily enough, always in a good mood).

Cédric Montanier

Researcher in the CIMEs team at TBI

Cédric is a well of knowledge and our best asset for Brainstorming sessions.

Denis Jallet

Researcher in the MetaSys team at TBI

Denis is our guide to handling cyanobacteria and in his spare time our photographer.


Younes Bouchiba

PhD student from the team CIMEs at TBI

Younes is our divine helper in the coding of our wiki page. He was part of the iGEM Toulouse 2018 team. He has the superpower, with Thibault, to create memes in a second.

Amandine Lucchin

PhD student from LRSV. She studies calcium signaling in plants

Amandine was our guide for the cloning part of our project. She is very kind and always has the best advice. Although she hates to arrive early in the morning, she does so to come and see us.

Thibault Malfoy

PhD student from the team PHYGE at TBI

Thibault was our lab-supervisor for manipulation. He is always there when you need him, even at the last minute. He has the superpower, with Younes, to create memes in a second.

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