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The Future is SynBio

We collaborated with IISER-Pune-India and Hong_Kong_HKU to create an educational workshop called The Future is Synbio.This workshop was geared globally towards Secondary School students mainly from the USA, India and Hong Kong. The workshop consisted of 4 presentations that were developed by our teams.

The first presentation was “Introduction to Synthetic Biology,” which covered the basic model of gene transcription, translation and some gene editing techniques, presented by IISER-Pune_India, followed by “What is iGEM” from Stony_Brook. This was to highlight how day-to-day students can get involved in synthetic biology to solve world-wide issues but also to get students interested in joining/ forming their own high school level/ undergraduate iGEM Team. The Hong_Kong_HKU presented “Microbes and Society,” an interactive discussion of the different types of micrones, what their role in synthetic biology is and recent advancements. Finally, team Stony_Brook hosted a “Guess the Scientist” game which aimed at identifying key scientists who made an advancement in the field of biology and fostering a sense of importance for crediting and acknowledging the people whose knowledge and work we are using to advance our field. It also delved into the struggles that female scientists specifically have faced in their career and aimed to motivate students to pursue their career without ever giving up. All 4 presentations can be found in this folder.

The material above was made accessible for a wider audience by recording it. The recording was then shared with our own local schools. The language in the presentation was also such that it would be easy for a high-schooler to understand the concepts we spoke about.

Meeting Recording Access Passcode: hJCm#B9N

Biodiversity Symposium

We presented at the Biodiversity Symposium hosted by iGEM UNSW, alongside iGEM Groningen, iGEM USyd and iGEM Kazakhstan. This was a great symposium where all teams learned about different aspects of how their project deals with Biodiversity. This symposium then allowed us to blossom into a deeper project collaboration and discussion with iGEM USyd. This team meetup allowed us to understand various climate change related issues which threaten biodiversity and how synthetic biology can medicate such issues. In our presentation, we talked about how a biofilter with genetically modified E.coli can break down Microcystin (a toxin produced by harmful algal blooms). After each presentation, a Q&A session was held to ask questions and give critical feedback on each project.

Check out the Symposium's timeline.
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Deer Park High School Presentation

Stony Brook iGEM presented at Deer Park High School in Suffolk county to show high school students the importance of synthetic biology and how to be involved in research. One of our team members Nabeel Farrukh discussed the iGEM program and its goals of using synthetic biology to solve medical, environmental, and energy related issues. Students were taught how synthetic biology is important for our everyday lives and its current applications. He also discussed how students can find and be involved in research.

Special thank you to Mrs. Farina and the environmental club for allowing us to present.