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BBa_K3863006: a-amylase-HA-glucoamylase-his

  • Transformation of E.coli
  • Pick Colony & Bacteria Culture Preparation

Testing amounts of monosaccharides:

Glucose test result to compare the change of the amount of glucose between day 1 and day 2 in the addition of amylase and glucoamylase

E.coli growth analysis in food waste:

BBa_J3640000: Green Fluorescence Protein (GFP) BL21 (control)

1.Establishing model of E.coli growth in food waste with GFP and O.D.600 (with starch and without starch)

BBa_K3863003 fabB-his

BL21 (control)

Investigating Acid-Tolerant System (through CFU colony-forming unit):

  • 1.Transformation of E. coli
  • 2.Pick colony
  • 3.IPTG Induction and Bacterial Culture Preparation
  • 4.Spread plate and Count Colony
    • Investigating acid tolerant system, to see if the addition of fabB is capable for E.coli’s growth in acidic environment through colony forming unit (C.F.U).

BBa_K3863004 Phac-flag-PCT(optimized)-HA-his

BBa_K3863007 PHA-flag-PCT-HA

pETDuet (vector control)

Bioplastic production (without phasin):

Verifying Bioplastic Production through IR(Infrared Radiation) Spectroscopy:

To test if PHA(K3863007), Phac(BBa_K3863004) works for bioplastic production.

BBa_K3863004 Phac-flag-PCT(optimized)-HA-his

BBa_K3863007 PHA-flag-PCT-HA

BBa_K3863008 Phac-flag-PCT(optimized)-HA-phasin-his

pETDuet (vector control)

Bioplastic production (with phasin):

Nile Red - quantitative measurement of bioplastic production: