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Our team added rhlA/rhlB and nadE genes to the pRGPDuo2 plasmid. The pRGPDuo2 plasmid was obtained from Gauttam, R. We extracted rhlA/rhlB and nadE genes from P.aeruginosa. Our team planned to insert rhlA and rhlB genes to MCS1 and nadE gene to MCS2 of pRGPDuo2 plasmid. Thus, we predicted that dual expression of NAD synthetase and RhlA and RhlB could allow P. putida to express rhamnolipids at higher rates. Overall, we created ten basic parts (four coding sequences and six primers) and one composite part.

Parts List

Name Type Description Designer Length
BBa_K4083004 Coding nadE gene of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Arsen Orazbek 883 bp
BBa_K4083006 Coding rhlB with SacI and SalI sites Arsen Orazbek 1334 bp
BBa_K4083007 Coding rhlA gene with SalI and SacI sites at ends Arsen Orazbek 932 bp
BBa_K4083000 Plasmid pRGPDuo2 plasmid for P. putida Arsen Orazbek 7928 bp
BBa_K4083008 Composite RPGDuo2 plasmid with nadE and rhlA/B genes Arsen Orazbek 6403 bp


We used the following primers:

Name Type Description Designer Length
BBa_K4083020 Primer Reverse primer for nadE Arsen Orazbek 30 bp
BBa_K4083019 Primer Forward primer for nadE Arsen Orazbek 31 bp
BBa_K4083018 Primer Reverse primer for rhlB Arsen Orazbek 37 bp
BBa_K4083016 Primer Forward primer for rhlB Arsen Orazbek 38 bp
BBa_K4083015 Primer Primer for rhlA reverse Arsen Orazbek 37 bp
BBa_K4083014 Primer Forward Primer for rhlA Arsen Orazbek 36 bp


Although we obtained pRGPduo2 plasmid already constructed, we created and used several parts for BioBricks construction purposes.

Reference List:

Gauttam, R., Mukhopadhyay, A., & Singer, S. W. (2020). Construction of a novel dual-inducible duet-expression system for gene (over)expression in Pseudomonas putida. Plasmid, 110.



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