Team:Jiangnan China/Guidance


Guidance For Bio-cosmetics

From 2015 to 2021, over five iGEM teams devoted themselves to developing a project related to bio-cosmetics. As young iGEMers with abundant synthetic biology knowledge and great thoughts, we are so passionate about creating fancy cosmetics with different functions and additional efficiencies and wish to improve people's quality of life by our little products. We even want to use our fantastic bio-cosmetics to relieve illness, protect the environment and so on.

To inspire future iGEMers develop a more brilliant and interesting bio-cosmetic product, help bio-cosmetics go outside the laboratory to the real market and welcome international cosmetic companies to explore the biggest market in China, Jiangnna_China made a Guidance for Research and Development of Bio-cosmetics this year from different aspects of chassis microorganisms, safety experiments, registration procedures and other important parts. You can see all the detail below: (It may take you a few minutes to open the file.)