Team:IvyMaker-China/Human Practices Overview

IvyMaker-China Human Practices Overview Page

  • In order to ensure the feasibility of our project, we conducted a series of human practice activities with different groups. We received a lot of helpful advice, experiences and also encouragement, all of which helped improve our project.
Local Community
  • We interviewed people in the local community to get to know their views on PET recycling and their attitude towards biological PET degradation.
Governors and industries
  • We interviewed government and company representatives to understand the PET production/recycling process and related laws/regulations. We also sought to investigate professional perspectives towards our project and bio degradation in general.
    • Mr. Lu, Deputy Director, Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environement
    • Mr. Guangzhan Zhao, Tech Leader, Flyco Group
    • Mrs. Sun, cheif manager, Lanzhou JIN TU DI Plastic Products Co., Ltd
    • Qi Liu, Lanzhou JIN TU DI Plastic Products Co., Ltd
    • Dr. Jinyong Wang, Tech Manager, Transportation & Industrial Department, DuPont
  • We interviewed several chemistry and biology to get their valuable opinion about the design and feasibility of our project.
    • Professor Xianzhong Chen,Vice Dean, Jiangnan University-School of bioengineering
    • Professor Xuhui Zhang,Jiangnan University-School of Chemical and Material Engineering
    • Professor Wenfeng Zhou, China Agricultural University - College of Science
  • We also presented our project in the CCiC8 and PLASTICASE CONFERDATION conference. In doing so, we received helpful feedback from the judges and other iGEM teams. We have also been actively engaged during and after the conferences and earned the CCiC8 ACTIVE PARTICIPATION AWARD.
    • CCiC 8