IvyMaker-China Collaborations Page



  • It is a great honor to be part of the great, helpful iGEM family and to collaborate and explore projects together. We gained a lot of inspiration, encouragement and advise over the last 7 months through interviews, conferences, workshops and all other different activities.

  • Here we listed the collaborative events with other teams by dividing into 5 sections: Research, Wet Lab, Human Practice, Education and Communication, Model.


  • With ASTWS-CHINA, we made three lists as our own research reference and also for the good of future iGEM teams if needed, which you could find detailed info in CONTRIBUTION page.
    1. a list of some previous projects using PETase and MHETase
    2. a list of research paper for reference
    3. a list of laws/ regulations/ policies about plastic recycling in the process of collection, production and such.
  • We consulted Team Jiangnan-China at the early stage of the program. Advisor Tingan Zhou showed us their project design this year for inspiration and experience gained past years.

Wet Lab

  • We had meeting every 1-3 weeks with ASTWS-China to share our progress in wet lab, discuss problems and provide mutual support. For example:
    1. ASTWS-China planned to use plastic fragments as substrate which turns out not responding well, IvyMaker-China shipped PET powder we used to them to continue experiment.
    2. Using the same test PET powder, IvyMaker-China and ASTWS-China did a comparison test of the enzyme activity efficiency between surface display system and free enzyme system. More details would be found in partnership page.
    3. Partnership Page

Human Practice

  • We joined the PLASTICase Community with 6 other teams: CPU_CHINA, SMS_shenzhen, TJUSLS_China, DUT_China, KEYSTONE and BJEA_China. With CPU_CHINA as the initiater of our first roundtable event, IvyMaker-China helped to invite Dr. Xiang from Shanghai Environment Group Co., Ltd =to be our guest speaker to share her insight about plastic pollution.
  • We have gained a lot from the project sharing, juding session and also the after-event communication with the teams.
  • We interviewed Lanzhou JIN TU DI Plastic Products Co., Ltd together with DUT-China and CPU-China, it is our honor to communicate with this company's chief manager Mrs. Sun and her student Qi Liu about the current industry situation related to plastic and corresponding national management laws.
  • We had continuous communication with ASTWS-China. We will have a monthly virtual meetup to share the feedback of our HP activities for each other's reference to further improve the project. For example, ASTWS-China has shared us their interview experience with a local Sewage Plant, and we shared with them feedback gained from attending CCiC8.

Education and Communication

  • We lauched an online public education and communication lecture called "GENE HACKER" with ASTWS-China, Worldshaper-Nanjing and Worldshaper-Shanghai. We invited highschoolers and their families interested in synthetic biology or bio in general to join this event and shared background info and lab design of our projects.
  • IvyMaker-China participated in the "Life Science" to "Bio Manufacturing" Science Fair in Jiangnan University together with Team Jiangnan-China. Two of our members supported in a creative scientific experiment called "Blow the Balloon using Bottle" as volunteers to guide kids aged 8-10 through their experiments.


  • We had several meetups with ASTWS-China to explore the potential of the model design, problems we met in process.