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  • After we shared our promotion video in MOMENETS , we have been contacted by many families saying their kids, in age range of 4 to 8, are attracted by our main character YEAST BABY: CT.
  • We then made decision to further explore artistic design and design bio related educational programs suitable for kids this age and arouse their interest in synthetic biology through stories, games and other interactive activities.


3D modeling Process of CT (Candida Tropicalis) and PG (PET Ghost)


  • We give the kids stickers as reward during activities.

General Lab Safety Rules Comic Book

  • Example pages of Lab Safety Comic Book
  • Images are easier to understand for young kids compared to plain words, almost 80% of the kids could remember all 10 general rules we listed in the comic book, while 100% could remember 7+, which proves the effectiveness of the design and we would design more series in the future about various synthetic biology concepts.

Educational Examples

  • Students designing their own cars using PET plastic boards and other materials
  • The green bricks are representing yeGFP, the cars are representing our host--Candida Tropicalis, and rules of the battle is that whichever car brings the most green bricks back home would be the winner (strongest yeast). The decorations students put on the car are like the anchor protein, to help move (express) yeGFP bricks.
  • By repeating simple concepts through videos, stories, games and such, the kids would be deeply impressed and embedded with interest to further explore.