IvyMaker-China Attributions Page


Members Attributions

Project Attributions

General Support
  • Mrs. Yuanyuan Xia, Instructor; Mr. Douglas Jiang, Instructor; Mr. Haibing Zhang, Advisor; Mrs. Ying Zhang, Advisor; Mrs. Jing Zhou, Primary PI; Mrs. Rui Guo, Secondary PI; Parents and friends of the IvyMaker-China 2021 team
Lab Support
  • Jiangnan University-School of Biotechnology
Wiki Support
  • Mr. Peter Wang; Mr. Guojin Zhou
Video Support
  • Mr. William Song; Mr. Xiang Chen; Mr. Guojin Zhou; Mr. Fan Gao; Mr. Long Liu
Human Practice Support
  • Professor Xianzhong Chen,Vice Dean, Jiangnan University-School of Biotechnology
  • Professor Zhang,Jiangnan University-School of Chemical and Material Engineering
  • Mr. Lu, Deputy Director, Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environement
  • Professor Wenfeng Zhou, China Agricultural University - College of Science
  • Mr. Guangzhan Zhao, Tech Leader, Flyco Group
  • Mrs. Sun, cheif manager, Lanzhou JIN TU DI Plastic Products Co., Ltd
  • Qi Liu, Lanzhou JIN TU DI Plastic Products Co., Ltd
  • Dr. Jinyong Wang, Tech Manager, Transportation & Industrial Department, DuPont
  • Team Jiangnan-China for collaboration on public education programs, and mentorship on project related questions
  • Team DUT-China for interview collaboration and continuous interaction on project related issues
  • Team ASTWS-China for partnership on wet lab, model, human practice and such
  • Plasticase Community for generous sharing and help on project related issues