Team:Humboldt Berlin/Sponsoring


Be a Sponsor

To achieve our goals and to participate in the competition, we rely on sponsorships. The previous team was already able to rely on the support of numerous partners and ultimately present successes. We would like to make a tradition out of this cooperation, which will also bear fruit beyond the current competition.

We can offer interested parties the consideration listed below for a sponsorship. However, we are also open to suggestions and ideas from any sponsor. A partnership thrives on hearing and considering the interests on both sides.

Are you interested in supporting us? We are very pleased about your e-mail to Target Taxi. In a first phone call we will be happy to discuss your ideas and our possibilities. Let us do research together!

Logo on Website

Logo on Website | 100 EUR

For a small sponsorship in the amount of 100 EUR we present your logo on the home page of our website with a hyperlink to yours.

Logo on Presentation

Logo on presentation home page | 250 EUR

We will present your logo together with other sponsors on the front page of our presentation, which we will show at the final event.

Team T-Shirt

Logo on T-Shirt | 500 EUR

We present your logo on our team T-shirts during the eight-day final event.

For hygienic reasons, a fresh T-shirt will be worn every day - also to make your brand look positive. This results in a maximum number of 104 T-shirts that can be sponsored.

The sponsorship is 500 EUR/shirt. If you equip a team member for the whole duration of the event, it will cost you only 3600 EUR instead of 4000 EUR.

Branded Page

Branded Page | 800 EUR

One page of our presentation will be partially or fully designed in the corporate design of your brand. We thus dedicate the content of the page to your company.

The sponsorship per page is 800 EUR. If you wish to sponsor several pages, individual arrangements can be made.

Mention the Brand

Mention the Brand | 700 EUR

We mention your brand on social media and at the final event, especially if we use your products in the post.

No specific product of yours will be mentioned or visually highlighted in this format.

Product Placement

Product Placement | 5000 EUR

Our success depends on our methods and great products - your products! We like to communicate that on social media and during our presentation at the final event.

In this format, on the one hand your brand, but also the products used are mentioned by name and visually highlighted.

Your Idea

Your Sponsorship Idea

We are open to your suggestions for sponsorship. Feel free to contribute your ideas at any time. We are sure that we will find a suitable solution.