Team:Humboldt Berlin/Attributions


Team Members


  • Student leader
  • General organization
  • Lab: design of all sequences, wet lab work, planning of experiments
  • Literature research
  • Initial idea of and contribution for the centrifugation model of the minicell purification protocol improvement
  • Fundraising
  • BIOspektrum text
  • Microscopy


  • Instruct other team members in lab work.
  • Research for project development
  • Contribution on lab planning
  • Improvement of used protocols
  • Strain construction and plasmid cloning
  • Minicell purification
  • Microscopy
  • Preparation of media and solutions


  • Helping to design the idea for mathematical model and its application-oriented approach
  • Research for modelling
  • Requiring skills in HTML, CSS and website structure to work on our Wiki


  • Contacting and recruiting
  • Fundraising: organization, phone calls, emails
  • Designing our logo
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Modelling
  • Designing Wiki
  • Wiki Editing


  • Visualisation
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Providing & designing content
  • Filming and directing promotion-/presentation-video


  • Communicating with other iGEM teams (collaboration with UBCiGEM and exchanging ideas with other teams which did not result in a collaboration)
  • Writing the script for our promotion video
  • Laboratory: minicell purification, cloning, research, safety form
  • Recruiting
  • Presentation-video: script, video
  • Wiki editing
  • Fundraising: calls and emails


  • Fundraising team leader, organization, phone calls and emails
  • Brainstorming for finding our project idea, PR, sponsoring, design
  • Writing and translating texts for flyers, emails, website and Wiki
  • Helping with general organization


  • Helping with writing the text for our promotion video, recording voice over
  • Laboratory: minicell purification, cloning
  • Research for the lab team, safety form


  • Editing the wiki
  • BIOspektrum text
  • Organizing promotion video
  • Cellprofiler image analysis
  • Python analysis script
  • Modelling concepts
  • Scientific consulting


  • Microscopy
  • Laboratory: minicell purification, cloning, providing nutrient media
  • HTML and texts for Wiki


  • Mathematical and statistical models
  • BIOspektrum text

Prof. Dr. Marc Erhardt

  • Primary PI
  • General consultation
  • Providing lab space and equipment
  • Was always available for scientific and any other questions and provided valuable input and new ideas

Dr. Philipp Popp

  • Secondary PI
  • General consultation

Doaa Saleh

  • Introduced us to the usage and handling of eukaryotic cell culture
  • Was always available for questions regarding eukaryotic cell cultures
  • Advisor

Manuel Halté:

  • Helped us a lot with and advised us for epifluorescence microscopy
  • Produced pictures of STED microscopy
  • Advisor

External Support

Maximilian Westphal

  • Editing videos

Photography Student (wants to remain anonymous)

  • Helping to record video footage