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Our team is formed by students who come from three different secondary schools: Carmel Pak U Secondary School, TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College, and TWGHs Mrs. Wu York Yu Memorial College...
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With plenty of alternatives during shopping and constant replacement of outdated products, often do consumers treat things like newly-bought clothes, phones as a spur-of-the-moment thing...
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Parts that we have created to produce spidroin.
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All our team members realized the importance of risk assessment and biosafety practice from the very beginning of our project. To equip our team members with basic knowledge on biosafety and biosecurity...
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We have two major aims in the human practice part of our project - to educate the public about the basics of biotechnology as well as the purpose, process and impact of our project, and...
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In our project, E.coli BL21 is engineered to produce spidroin by protein expression. As there’re many types of spidroin and each has its specific alternative properties...
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