Team:Guelph/Academic Materials Project

Academic Materials Project

At the University of Guelph, students are encouraged to better ourselves through competition, but at the same time, we are also encouraged to share our ideas and knowledge, and to help each other forward, even as we compete. In the spirit of this, our team wanted to share what iGEM does with those who might not otherwise get the chance to learn about synthetic biology.

We worked with 19 teams to put together articles about their projects, geared for a high school student to work through. The articles are complex enough to present a challenge and encourage students to apply themselves, while still being accessible for anyone to understand by simply skimming the first page. Our team believes that presenting synthetic biology projects in this way can balance the challenge of learning in the sciences with the desire of budding scientists to understand how the world ‘works’.

In the future, we hope to carry this collaborative project forward, and expand it to create an interactive package for teachers to share with their students. For now though, we hope you will enjoy reading the five articles linked below!

University of Guelph iGEM 2019