BIOFAB Collection Curation

In 2018, the FSU iGEM team added the BIOFAB promoters to the registry which started the BIOFAB Collection. The FSU iGEM teams have continued to curate the collection since 2018. The 2021 team has continued the work with the following contributions:

  1. A rewrite of the collection description to make it easier to understand its purpose and use.
  2. Addition of an interactive graph of the promoter strengths reported in the original publication.
  3. Addition of the Charts.css library which supports the display of dynamic charts in the iGEM Parts Registry.
  4. Three new devices (BBa_K3792003, BBa_K3792004, BBa_K3792005) for measuring the strength of three promoters in the collection.

The long-term goal is to measure the strength of all the promoters in the pSB1K3 and pSB1C3 backbones and E. coli NEBExpress chassis.