Team Members

Leadership Team

  • Jovey Osagie
  • Team Leader
    Jovey coordinated the team's agenda. He ensured candid dialogue between team members, stakeholders & experts, and other iGEM teams. He oversaw the completion and quality of deliverables and medal criterion for the team's success.
  • Colin Shea
  • Associate Team Leader and Entrepreneurship Lead
    Colin oversaw the project deliverables & facilitation of work. Utilizing his entrepreneurial background, he advised our proposed implementation and venture opportunity. He managed the student-led fundraising effort of our team.
  • Khloe Henry
  • Software Lead
    Khloe oversaw the entirety of the design and functionality of the wiki. Through effective communication and collaboration, she was able to work with my teams to figure out how to best coalesce all of our ideas onto the site.
  • Ivor Mitchell
  • Videographer
    Ivor filmed and edited the promotional video.
  • Morgan Marisa
  • Videography Lead
    Morgan edited the Presentation Video.

Human Practices Team

  • Natalie Storch
  • Human Practices Lead
    Natalie engaged the HP team to think deeply and creatively about the sustainability of our project and the value it provides to the world. She oversaw the team's outreach to stakeholders, the interviews held, and literature reviews on our problem area, shaping the approach and impact we created in our community.
  • Emma Kiely
  • Human Practices Team Member
    Emma interviewed the directors local food banks and food pantries. She outlined the workflows and experiences with fresh produce. Additionally, she created our educational brochure, outlining the valuable food insecurity resources in the Tallahassee area.

Design Team

  • Jade Knight
  • Design Team Lead
    Jade led the Design Team. She ensured candid, effective communication between team members to move the ideation process for our solution forward. She navigated multidisciplinary communication by preparing her research into easy to understand PowerPoints. Jade primarily focused on how to preserve food and aided in the data analysis of all literature reviews. She wrote and conducted our Chitosan Spray experiment.
  • Lola Musa
  • Design Team Member
    Lola researched and studied the functions, homology and family (or families) of the NodI and NodJ proteins, the structure and make up of chitin & chitosan and extensively researched chitin & chitosan's ability to preserve vegetables & their rates of decay
  • Chase Tarillo
  • Design Team Member
    Chase researched the properties of chitin polymers, designed the Chitin Secretion Cells, identified putative chitin synthases, and designed L-form B. Subtilis plasmids. He helped build and test the Chitin Secretion Cells. Additionally, he operated AlphaFold to predict the structures of NodI, NodJ, and the NodIJ complex
  • Anish Shah
  • Design Team Member
    Anish researched possible ways to increase the shelf life of leafy greens and salad crops. He research and analyzed the feasibility of the creation, scalability, and the sustainable sourcing of chitin and chitosan for our packaging material.
  • Jeret McCoy
  • Modeling Lead
    Jeret created three models that informed the proposed implementation of the project. The first model predicted chitin output based on initial substrate concentrations. The second model predicted the time of those reactions. The third model predicted the profitability of our solution.

Implementation Team

  • Caleb Molinari
  • Implementation Team Lead
    Caleb assisted in migrating the FSU iGEM lab bench from the FSU College of Medicine to the College of Engineering. He led the curation of the BIOFAB Promoter collection. He assembled the plasmid vectors used to build the Chitin Secretion Cells. He measured the amount of chitin secreted by the Chitin Secretion Cells.
  • Matthew A. Quarles
  • Implementation Team Member
    Matthew oversaw the our Brewer's Spent Yeast project. He transformed our Brewer's spent yeast into a suitable growth medium for our Chitin Secretion Cells.
  • Ely Bor
  • Implementation Team Member
    Ely helped to design a spray for chitosan with cinnamon oil to extend the shelf life of post-harvest tomatoes. She performed an in-lab experiment demonstrating chitosan's ability to extend the shelf life of fresh produce.


  • Dr. Cesar Rodriguez & Mr. David Montez
  • The upmost gratitude and appreciation to our PIs for supervising the entirety of 2021 FSU iGEM team's project & finances.


  • Dr. Stephen Arce
  • Dr. Arce has graciously allowed the 2021 FSU iGEM access to his Biomedical Engineering lab and equipment. Using his expertise, He predicted and troubleshooted potential difficulties our lab work could face.
  • Emily Thiel
  • Emily provided our team lab-access and explained what, when, & how experiments should be performed in the lab
  • Ron Frazier
  • Ron Frazier provided valuable feedback concerning the feasibility of our entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Mark McNees
  • Ron McNees provided valuable feedback concerning the feasibility of our entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Michael Taylor
  • Michael Taylor has given us strong, consistent feedback in all aspects regarding our project. He has provided our team with invaluable instruction
  • Kelly Bacherman
  • Kelly advised our team's video production effort.
  • Nicholas Vazquez
  • Nicholas held conversation's with stakeholders who only spoke Spanish on our behalf.
  • Christine Creamean
  • Christine has provided valuable, candid feedback to our project
  • Daniela Quijano
  • Daniela has provided valuable, candid feedback to our project


  • Ken Baldauf
  • Christopher Hagemayer
  • Leila Gibradze
  • Rebecca Howard
  • Renee Miller
  • Rienne Saludo
  • Monique Van Pelt


  • The Office of the Provost
  • College of Medicine
  • Department of Biomedical Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
  • College of Arts and Sciences Travel Grant Fund
  • Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement, McNichols Fund
  • Office of Research
  • Innovation Hub
  • College of Entrepreneurship
  • iGEM Impact Grant
  • Student Government Association
  • Grub Burger Bar
  • Proof Brewery
  • Second Harvest of the Big Bend
  • Grace Mission Episipocal Church
  • City walk Urban Mission