Team members

    Team members

    Hello! We are the people behind iGEM Vienna 2021.

    We are 25 eagerly motivated students from different STEM and life science subjects. Our team members study at the University of Vienna, University of Natural Resources, Technical University, University of Veterinary Medicine, and the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna.

    Throughout our iGEM year we were supported by two wonderful principal investigators, a very helful advisor from last years iGEM team and five very committed instructors. We are proud of the work we have achieved with our project and grateful that we could participate in the iGEM 2021 competion.

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    Alina Destinger

    Anna Hurt

    Anna Magdalena Ambros

    Anna Zieri

    Amin Saoudi

    Denise Schaffer

    Hannah Beneder

    Helena Cozzarini

    Johanna Wörtl

    Julia Mayer

    Laetitia Schwarz

    Lisa Kainacher

    Lisa Rainer

    Lukas Narendja

    Magdalena Haller

    Marcos Hocevar

    Nadine Stranzl

    Sarah Schelmbauer

    Sebastian Bayer

    Sebastian Röder

    Soma Katharina Gnagni

    Sophia Horak

    Tam Dan Pham

    Verena Wachtler

    Wei Guo


    Martin Altvater

    Hans Marx

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