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Public Presentation

what we have done

Our team presented our research topic towards students from grade 9 to grade 10 and teachers of different courses. This gave us the opportunity to introduce our research for iGEM, which is using mLCC constructed enzyme to degrade PET plastic, including introduction of the reason for doing our research, the solution to the issues that our team came up with, the specific experiment methods, and the expected outcomes. Based on the purpose of presenting our research topic, we were also able to use this opportunity to introduce, explain, and persuade audiences (junior students) that were not taught or never heard of bio-construction, and how it could benefit the society with further development with more specific details.

Our achievements

The school only gave limited amount of time to prepare our presentation. Our team members had learned and gradually perfected the ability of time management.

Grace PowerPoint: PET background and mLCC introduction.
Paper: PET background and mLCC introduction
Annie PowerPoint: cell surface display of mLCC in Bacillus subtilis experimental process and expected results
Paper: cell surface display of mLCC inBAcillus subtilis experimental process and expected results.
Dorothy PowerPoint: enhanced the hydrolysis of PET by fusion mLCC to hydrophobics introduction
Paper: enhanced that hydrolysis of PET by fusion mLCC to hydrophobics introductions, and writing abstract.
Eason PowerPoint: enhanced the hydrolysis of PET by fusion mLCC to hydrophobics experimental process and expected results.
Paper: enhanced the hydrolysis of PET by fusion mLCC to hydrophobics experimental process and expected results, and writing supplementary paper.
Peter PowerPoint: research proposal video making summary and typesetting for the final paper format.
Yim PowerPoint: research proposal video making summary and typesetting for the final paper format.

Since we only had one week to organize and present. We had to maximize our workload to increase the work efficiency, and complete our research and preparation to present towards the school. The table shown below is a brief outline of the works the group had finished.

Day 1 - Read paper and summarize
Day 2 - Read paper and first draft of paper writing
- Start designing the displaying image
Day 3 - Read paper.
- Summary and paper writing about research results.
- Design and edit display images.
- Final draft of logo.
Day 4 - Complete final draft display images
- Creating Powerpoint and first draft of presentation script
- Final draft of paper writing.
Day 5 - Organize all the work, put it all together and rehearse for the final presentation.
- Memorization of presentation script.

From this activity, our team were able to gradually decrease communication cost and increase working efficiency as a team. At the same time, throughout this short week, each and every member of the team was able to learn new skills and technologies of gene construction and techniques of scientific research.

Peter Zhang was able to learn how to use End Notes for document typeset and citations, he started to learn then ended up using the application without any barriers, and completed all the work related with End Notes in five days. At the same time, he also completed the iGEM promotion video with zero concept toward video editing in the beginning.

Eason Wang and Grace Zhang both had deeper understanding toward PET plastic, which includes the harm of it toward the environment and the necessity and importance to do the research on enzyme degradation of PET plastic.



What made us better

Not only having juniors as our audiences, but we also had teachers from various fields from our school as our audiences. In the end, we got feedback on how we should improve with techniques for presenting ourselves. At the same time, our audience notifies us that we should have presented with more simplified and less academic words. Even though from our perspective, the information of the presentation is already simplified. However, we should have modified our presentation with less terminology which can be more propagandized. Generally, the feedbacks benefited us with planning HP events afterward. Nonetheless, teachers from various fields had expressed to us how they were interested in the idea of plasmid construction on enzyme and plastic degradation after our presentation. The majority of the audiences were especially satisfied with how the idea and theoretical efficacy of bio-degradation could stand out from the more prevalent systems used nowadays. The feedback from our audiences has provided perspectives from people who were not acknowledged with any biology. This gave us the hint and perception to modify our HP activities. On the other hand, the encouragement from the audience gave us more motivation to complete the iGEM tasks later on.

WeChat public number

Promotional and Educational Article

On July 24th, we published a article on BJEA official Wechat account, receiving around 600 views and expanding our effectiveness.



(Figure 1. the beginning page of our article)




For the structure of the article, we first present our promotion video to give a brief and straightforward explanation of our project. Then, we introduced iGEM and our team. After that, we explained our project more concretely. At last, our team leader and our primary PI shared their feelings and reflections.


(Figure 2. the body part of our article)


For the main content, to demonstrate our project in a logical and comprehensive way, other than the promotion video, we use following answers according to two questions: “What are we researching on?” and “Why not use physical and chemical degradation methods?” What’s more, for important parts related to our project we wrote in both Chinese and English.



(Figure 3. & 4. hand drawing decoration and pictures of us in lab)

For the design, we put our pictures in lab, in order to give the readers an immersed feeling and hook their interest in what we are working on. Also, we add some hand drawing to decorate.
We are looking forward to publish further articles, to insist on bringing our project out of lab, publicizing our project, and telling our story to as many people as we can.


Receiving Financial Support from iGEM

On our way to accomplish our goals, based on all the efforts we paid, including design on experiment, persistence on experiments, our sincere attitude toward this project, and etc, we are firmly approved strongly supported by the 2,500 dollars of impact grants from iGEM competition. We feel lucky, thankful, and are encouraged to achieve further goals, arousing our greatest potential to make the world a better place.
On the BJEA official Wechat account, we published an article, sharing this encouraging news and summarizing recent achievements of our team. As a result, we gained totally about 2000 views.


Other Social Media Promotions

On the official Bilibili account of our team, we published our promotion video with literal introduction , receiving 150 and more views!
URL of our video is as follows:

(Figure. 5 Promotion video published on Bilibili)

In addition, our promotion video is also being published trough a cooperated video with Worldshaper_Shanghai on Bilibili, receiving about 100 views. URL is as follows:
We wish we can spread our project through social medias to more and more people living in our environment!