Team:BJEA China/Attributions


Project Attributions

1.Wet lab

Ⅰ. Team Projects: Create a fusion protein by jointing mLCC with hydrophobins

Leader: Guoduo Lou
Team members:
1. Hanlin Zhang
2. Sihan Wang
3. Xiaoyue Li


①pET28a-mLCC-linker-mHFBI Guoduo Lou
②pET28a-mLCC-linker-mHGFI Sihan Wang
③pET28a-mLCC-linker-BslA Hanlin Zhang
④pET28a-mLCC Xiaoyue Li

Ⅱ: Team Projects: Construct cell surface display of mLCC in Bacillus subtilis

Leader: Zixuan Lvliu
1. Yuehan Zhang
2. Yimu Guyue
3. Kairuo Zhang


①pHT43-cotB-linker-mLCC Kairuo Zhang
②pHT43-cotG-linker-mLCC Yuehan Zhang
③pHT43-cotX-linker-mLCC Yimu Guyue
④pHT43-cotC-linker-mLCC Zixuan Lvlui

2. Dry Lab

Leader: Hanlin Zhang
Members: Xiaoyue Li
p1: construct model

3. HP

Leader: Yuehan Zhang
1. Zixuan Lvliu
2. Hanlin Zhang


p1: meet (offline / online) with team from the globe
p2: official accounts (publish articles and captured exciting moments) on multi-social media
p3: partnership: TJUSLS_China
p4: offline publicity meeting in campus

4. Wiki

Leader: Sihan Wang
1. Kairuo Zhang
2. Guoduo Lou

code : Sihan Wang
Kairuo Zhang
Guoduo Lou

5. Art

1. Yimu Guyue
2. Sihan Wang

1. Design:
> Team uniform
> Team Logo
> Website’s concept map
2. Art Aid and advice for all team members


1. General Support

Zhuozhi Chen: As our instructor, Ms. Chen has contributed greatly to the team and has dedicated to our team from the very beginning, sacrifice lots of personal time on our project. She has been providing constructive information throughout the whole process and she is truly indispensable member on our team.

Xiaoling Yao: Thanks our PI for provide guidance and support throughout the season, including assistance with fundraising, lab support, and help with school bureaucracy and regulations.

Zefang Wang: Thanks professor Wang for providing us laboratory, material and instruments in Tianjin University.

2. Collaborators

> Team TJUSLS_China: Thank them for helping us to complete the trial expression of the protein and determine the degradation efficiency of our modified LCC under different concentration gradients.
> Team iBowu_China
> Team Worldshaper_Shanghai
> Team CPU_China

3. Human Practice Support

The ecological environment department of the Beijing E-town Urban Operational Bureau.

Finally, on our way to accomplish our goals, we feel thankful and lucky that through our efforts, we are strongly supported by the 2,500 dollars of impact grants from iGEM competition, the financial support from BJEA; and all the teams that had given us help and support.