Bronze Medal
Competition Deliverables:
We have completed the following

1. Wiki
2. Presentation video
3. Judging form


We described what work your team members did and what other people did for your project.

Project Description:

We described how and why you chose our iGEM project here.


We have made a useful contribution for future iGEM teams.

1. Engineering Success

See our engineering success in different aspects of our project:

2. Collaboration

See the details of our meaningful collaborations with other teams:

3. Human Practices

Look our HP overview to see what approaches we used to connect with our communities and our work has a social impact:

4. Proposed Implementation

See how our team put our project in the real world:

1. Integrated Human Practices

We presented our project in complete human practice system and you can see the details here:

2. Project Model

Modeling tools help with design and prediction, visit our models page to learn more:

3. Proof of Concept

See How we can demonstrate our project in an all-round way with a Proof of Concept:

4. Education and Communication
See how our team did education about synthetic biology: