Team:FDR-HB Peru/Partnership


Through the development of the iGEM season, the FDR-HB_Peru team prides itself in the meaningful collaboration achieved with the Washington team, where we established the partnership through an exchange of crucial information, experience, and even vital stakeholder contacts. Thus, is it that both teams benefited from the described collaborative work given three key events: the Washington team provided valuable information on a soil analysis made regarding its components, both teams offered mutual guidance on the criteria of Math Modeling, and a mutual exchange of key contacts including important Peruvian stakeholders and educational outreach organizations.

When observing the Math Modeling aspect of the established collaboration, we must appreciate that although neither the Washington nor the Peru team had extensive experience in the mentioned area, both teams could successfully endeavor the Math Modeling criteria through mutual areas of difficulty. Among the many challenges overcome through the previously mentioned collaboration, the most significant obstacle overcome was the coding aspect of the task at hand. Considering that the FDR-HB_Peru team had little to no experience in the criteria of math modeling before the guidance provided by the Washington team, the Washington team was able to provide the coding software Tellurium, which allowed the FDR-HB_Peru team to effectively and efficiently begin exploring the challenges of math modeling ahead.

In addition, it is essential to note that through the meaningful collaboration achieved, the FDR-HB_Peru team provided the Washington team with the contacts necessary for them to extend the outreach of their project from target areas in Washington to even locations in Peru. In turn, the Washington team could contribute to the Human Practices team at FDR-HB_Peru through the provision of an educational outreach opportunity with an organization by the name of “Synbio for Everyone,” where the Human Practices team was able to translate a variety of worksheets that allowed for the widespread education on the potential of synthetic biology along with its many benefits.