Team:FDR-HB Peru/Model

Project Modeling

Math Modeling Progress

This year we started the Math Modeling team. As we didn’t have any previous knowledge, we established a collaboration with the Washington Math Modeling team, who shared with us their experience and knowledge. Their team recommended “Tellurium”, a python-based program that they used to model. Ever since then, we have learned the basics of python and modeling, and with the help of the Washington team we have acquired key knowledge to start modeling. 


Next Steps: 

In the future, we aim to model the effectiveness of our plasmid during bioremediation. We plan to use Tellurium and Matlab, programs that we are familiarized with. We will get the data and parameters from scientific papers, unless we are able to get back into the lab. 


Based on the Parts that will designed, we plan to model: 

  • How fast Cadmium accumulates in Yeast. 
  • The amount of Cadmium that accumulates.  
  • The effectiveness of the plasmid in different materials. (Cacao liquor, water)