Team:FDR-HB Peru/Communication

Education & Communication

After many months of research on synthetic biology and establishing different collaborations, our team has advanced our project quickly, and we want to share our project, especially to the Peruvian community as our project tackles an issue that affects them and their community. This is why we took the initiative to create and present a Tedx talk at our school. 

Our Tedx talk goes over the details of our project, as well as covering some basic synthetic biology. Considering our city’s current COVID-19 situation, we had our hands tied as to what we could accomplish in the real world. This is why we decided that we would have to resort to some sort of virtual teaching. After some brainstorming, we decided that creating Tedx Talks would be the perfect way of teaching about synthetic biology and our project. 

Our target audience are students in Peru. Our project greatly impacts the peruvian community and environment. Even though some students may not be directly affected by the issue we are tackling, it is still important to learn about the issues going on in this country, and raise awareness about the people who struggle due to this issue, and how we are able to help them. 

Tedx Talks allow us to have our voices heard by students, and after giving a lot of information, students can easily follow up with us through various different methods. One could be right after a Tedx Talk, answering any questions, they could also reach out to us through our public social media, including Instagram, where we can receive direct messages from anyone to answer any inquiries, as well as giving more information on our page through posts and stories. 

In our Tedx Talk we focus on explaing and raising awareness about the issue we are tackling, cadmium contamination, and explaining our project, from the beginning to the end. This talk was very successful, there was good engagement from the audience as we answered many questions that showed us that we truly sent the message we wanted to send. Many people ended up very interested in iGEM and what iGEM is, as well as how they themselves can help solve issues like the ones iGEM teams are trying to solve.