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Space-adapted nutrient and flavour production

Phase I

Astrobio 2020 and Astroyeast 2021 are a two-year iGEM project. In year 1, we built Astrobio, an R&D platform to facilitate experimental research and biomanufacturing applications in space. We used AstroBio to compare microgravity-induced gene expression changes in yeast across different studies and to isolate gene promoter candidates that are specifically altered by microgravity.

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Phase II

This year, we are using the selected gene promoters to construct a microgravity-induced stress reporter using Green Fluorescent Protein. We are then performing adaptive lab evolution (ALE) mutagenesis to further increase diversity in our reporter strain populations by incubating the reporter strains in the microgravity simulator. The cells are then going to be harvested in a bioreactor designed and built by our team and transformed into a yeast spread for not only a nutritious, but also a safe and delicious food consumption.

Astroyeast Microfarm aims to provide a stable nutrient intake for astronauts in long-term space exploration and benefit places with limited resources with its potential terrestial application.


Get to know better how we are farming Astroyeast.

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Human Practices

We stand for a sustainable and inclusive environment.

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We are building a microgravity simulator and a bioreactor.

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