Student leaders

Adriana Calvo Bueno

It all starts with curiosity

Eunice Estefania Flores Gallo

We are never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.

Oskar Samuel Zeballos Huarachi

The first step doesn't get where you want to go, but it gets you out of where you are.

Consuelo Ruth Loayza Vedia

Make it worth it every day

Bernardo Yaroslav Ureña Panina

Obsession is the source of genius and madness

Andrea Aracely Tambo Santos

When you have meetings with teams from other countries, check the time zone well. :v

Claire Alexia Montaño Sanchez

Science is the poetry of reality

Student Members

Dulce Valeria Claure Villca

"Apple Fireworks and Sea of Soda" (song).

Lenny Rojas Zelada

If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

Alejandra Andrea Guzmán Espejo

Multidisciplinary team approach is key

Alejandra Beatriz Méndez Tejada

Meraki, putting my soul, heart and creativity in what I'm passionate about

Cristhian Trujillo Rodriguez

The best engineer is nature.

Amiel Rudvy Quino Mendoza

Anguish is the possibility of freedom

Maite Buitrago Vallejos

Where we used to bleed and where our blood needs to be

Alvaro Rafael Cuellar Wieler

The world hates me and the feeling is mutual.

Jhoselin Mamani Borda

God gave me the gift of procrastination, responsibility and being sleepy 24/7.

Nicol Reyna Pacosillo Ticona

You are my universe

Leydi Flores Avila

DONT let the behavior of others destrolly your inner peace,

Danna Villca Centellas

looking for little infinities

Jhoseline Lucy Mixto Cano

Time is money

Mónica Michelle Contreras Huanca

La magia del universo

Sergio Jhonatan Cortez Herrera

You are who your mind says you are

Carlos Marcelo Torres Vargas

"You won't believe me, because it almost never happens, but I made a mistake"

Jefferson Alexander Santa Cruz Farari

You are who your mind says you are

Franz Romel Quiroga Nina

Kéfir gives me amnxiety :u n:

Lia Gigliola Carrion Candia

The stars say that we, we are the fleeting ones

Liz Katherine Aliendre Del Barco

Any decision in favor of something is against something else.

Yuri Ernesto Ledezma Pantoja

First times. Good or Bad, always memorable

Xavier Alexandro Ríos Salinas

I just want to find a mountain I can climb

Adriana Llanque Chusicomo

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Michelle Andrea Guachalla Cossio

Only those who take risks discover how far they can go..

Mauricio Rolando Quezada Torres

Everything is achieved with practice and discipline

Santiago Ignacio Romero Tufiño

There is no fear of giving up something good, to pursue the great

Michael Kevin Vargas Soliz

Obey your fears and you will end up losing, face them and you will conquer your own hell


Joseph Paola Montaño Sanchez

Yes to female power! Yes to women in science!

Alexia Teresa Olivares Agreda

trusting yourself is the most beautiful way to succeed

Marisol Llanos Vargas

There will always be light.

Analeyssy Jhosselyn Yucra Villegas

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Jonatan Joel Aliaga Rodríguez

In a scale of 1 to peanut butter cookie, I feel this project is…just peanuts

Marcela Farfán Crispín

"Explore the powers and talents as an individual to acquire greater knowledge that can be put at the service of others."

Natali Andrea Arias Sanabria

Take advantage of the great power of being alive.

Jimena Zubieta Rojas

Try just one more time!

Maria Clavel Condori Quispe

Be happy in your own way, life is better outside of your comfort zone.

Mayra Fernanda Ocampo Valdivia

"Education, science and technology are the best weapons to face daily problems".

Nayra Berrios Ticona

There is no weapon more powerful than willpower.

Beatriz Medrano Medrano

it's okay to need help to grow

Gabriela Gheraldine Ayala Miranda

“Try not to become a person of success, but a person of value.” — Albert Einstein.

Jhonatan Charles Vargas Soliz


Carlos Alberto Asturizaga Crespo

"Man's progressive development depends vitally on invention, it is the most important product of his creative brain."

Camila Paucara Coquendo

Don't give up until you give your all.

Raymi Edgar Goitia Camacho

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

Ariel De la Fuente Arias

Let's be open minded, but not so much so that our brains don't slip away

Maria Elena Choque Garcia

If you stop trying you will be closer to failure than success

Natalia Escobar Hinojosa

Write your own story

Ethel Aide Dekker Molina

Following the way through science can make our dreams come true

Andy Kevin Porcel velasquez

If the road is difficult it is because you are going in the right direction

Kevin Paniagua Balderrama

life without science is nothing more than a soul without experience


Tania Pozzo PhD.

Cecilia Gonzalez MSc.

Camila Palma MSc.

Densy Pelaez PhD.

Sergio Moreira PhD.

Maria Mercedes Roca PhD.

Noemi Tirado PhD.

Cesar Perez PhD.

Natalia Montellano PhD.

Lucia Alvarado PhD.

Maria Teresa Alvarez PhD.

Scarley Martinez PhD.

Said Perez Msc.

Laura Guzman BFA.

Ninón Flores MSc.

Virginia Gonzalez MSc.

Other Members