Team:ASIJ Tokyo/Attributions


Team Members

Project Selection and Research

Topic Selection
Whole Team
Literature Review
Whole Team
Biomarker/Aptamer Research
Whole Team
Wiki Write-Up
Matthew K, Eva L, Seeun K, Sage F, Kay N, Sophia S, Percival L


Experimental Planning
Whole Team
Biomarker⠀Production Experiment
Whole Team
Matthew K, Kai H, Koharu M, Eva L, Seeun K, Percival L, Annmarie H
AU Nanoparticle Assay
Matthew K, Eva L
Wiki Write-Up
Matthew K, Eva L, Yamato O, Take K


Protein Modeling
Annmarie H
Math Modeling
Annmarie H, Yamato O, Percival L, Kai H
Data Analysis
Yamato O, Take K
Wiki Write-Up
Annmarie H, Yamato O, Take K, Percival L

Human Practices

Haname RFTC Project Interview
Eva L, Sage F, Sophia S, Noe T, Aditi P
Helen Yoon Interview
Eva L
Community Member Interviews
Eva L, Akika A, Sophia S
Dr Sangai Interview
Koharu M
Dr Serita Interview
Koharu M, Aree L, Kai H, Annmarie H
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology(TUAT) Meetup
Matthew K, Seeun K, Kai H, Annmarie H
Public Survey Design/Analysis
Whole Team
Matthew K, Eva L, Seeun K, Kai H, Annmarie H
Wiki Write-Up
Matthew K, Sophia S, Eva L

Educational Outreach

Promotional Video
Noe T, Akika A
Educational Videos
Noe T, Eva L, Matthew K
2021 Autumn Dry Lab Bootcamp
Matthew K, Kai H, Annmarie H, Koharu M, Eva L
BCA Month Awareness Campaign
Seeun K
Flyer Distribution
Akika A, Take K, Sage F, Noe T
Wiki Write-Up
Matthew K, Seeun K

Wiki & Deliverables

Parts Design
Matthew K, Yamato O, Take K
Wiki Design
Sprihaa S, Joey M, Dylan T, Ethan S, Matthew K
iGEM Database Design
Sprihaa S
Header Designs
Sprihaa S, Seeun K
Mascot Design
Sprihaa S
Noe T, Akika A, Eva L, Naomi L, Aditi P
Presentational Video
Whole Team

Project Attributions

General Support

  • Ms. Beth Crissy, iGEM Sponsor
  • We thank our wonderful instructor, Ms. Beth Crissy, for providing us an opportunity to join iGEM and pursue our interests in synthetic biology! We would not have been able to complete this project without your assistance and positivity.
  • Mr. Mike Nelson, ASIJ Dean of Student Life
  • We thank Mr. Mike Nelson, our dean of student life, for helping us coordinate and get approval for our Breast Cancer Awareness Month events.
  • Ms. Zuber Meehan, ASIJ HS Principal
  • Dr. Brad Augustine, ASIJ Associate Principal
  • ASIJ Faculty and Staff
  • Liu Rengwei, iGEM Mentor
  • Former members of the 2019 ASIJ_Tokyo Team

  • Wet Lab Support

  • 2021 NTU iGEM Team(2021)
  • Team NTU from Nanyang Technological University helped discuss and offer advice on our aptamer-biomarker experiments. Specifically, they recommended us to use ELISA instead of fluorescence polarization to verify the interaction between aptamer and biomarker.
  • Dr. Kazunori Ikebukuro(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  • We consulted with Dr. Kazunori Ikebukuro multiple times throughout the season and he offered us valuable insights on the design of our aptamer-biomarker system. Specifically, he suggested we use a strand displacement assay for our aptamer-biomarker detection system instead of sandwich assay.

    Dry Lab Support

  • Misaki Inoue(2019 iGEM Leader)
  • We thank Misaki Inoue for being a special guest at our dry lab webinar and assisting the team throughout the season on modeling programs.
  • Dr. Kazunori Ikebukuro and Mr. Hiraka Kentaro(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  • We thank the professors and members of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology for teaching us the methods to model the interaction between aptamer and biomarker. We had trouble with trying to visualize the interaction as the 3D structure of the aptamer was not reported in literature. Therefore, through using a series of programs like HDock and PyMol, we were able to troubleshoot this problem.

    Human Practice Support

  • Interview Participants
  • We thank everyone who participated in our interviews. Whether or not you were featured in our presentational or educational videos, your opinions were monumental in helping with the design of our detection device and understanding of breast cancer.
  • Ms. Saki Suzuki
  • We thank Ms. Saki Suzuki for being willing to be featured in our promotional and presentational videos and giving us valuable information on the stigma of breast cancer in Japan.


  • Thank you to Team KCIS_NewTaipei, HKIS, NTU, and Korea_HS for meeting with us to discuss our projects.
  • Thank you to iGEM Thessaly for providing the Greek translation of our promotional video.
  • Thank you to Tokyo Tech and teams from Japan for inviting us to the Japan Meetup and offering us invaluable feedback.
  • Thank you to all teams that participated in our joint collaboration network.
  • Thank you to all teams that helped fill our survey and contributed to the iGEM database.

  • Special Thanks

  • To Cosmo Bio for supporting and sponsoring our project.
  • To IDT for providing us parts and sequences.
  • To BioRender for providing us access to their software and animations.