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Lovelace's Note in Gene


Environmental Devastation, Stagnant Advances and More

Silicon Extraction

In addition to contributing to the devastation of environments, this process is often associated with the use of slave labor.

Electrical Energy

Increasingly common and larger, datacenters consume absurd amounts of electrical energy. In addition, these consume thousands of liters of water for cooling.

More Polution

To contemplate the digital age, the industry consumes more and more as well as pollutes.

Lack of Storage and AI's Stagnation

One of the most effective methods for the development of new therapeutics has been AI's. Nowadays, these technologies suffer from a lack of storage to function.


DNA: Unlimited Storage, 0 polution and More

Safe and Sound

DNA poses as the most efficient data storage technology, passed down from generations to generations. It's incredibly stable and safe.

Powerful Design

A few grams of DNA are capable of storing all the digital information ever produced on earth.


Way more power, way less energy waste and polution. DNA Exempts extraction, refining and deforestation processes.


What We Want to Achieve

That DNA has a large storage capacity we already know... But, to date, not one millionth of its capacity has been unlocked for digital data storage! This is our second goal, to continue to change this story by reaching new levels of capacity.

Storing digital data in DNA is still an extremely manual process. It's literally a bunch of people pipetting everywhere. One of our biggest goals, aiming at application scaling, is to make this process 100% automatic.

In order to implement accessibility to the application, we are developing a completely new system! Based on fluorescence emission and detection that simulates binary code! This will help us build hardware that everyone can use.