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Parts Table

The three sequences are the computationally generated and tested in the wetlab. Team Toronto generously provided the estimated thermostability and catalytic activity of our sequences based on their model.

Table 1: Parts submitted by UIUC_Illinois 2021
NameDescriptionTm(Celcius)catalytic activity
BBa_K3713001Variant 1 of PETase candidates82.9-0.60
BBa_K3713002Variant 2 of PETase candidates81.51.58
BBa_K3713003Variant 3 of PETase candidates81.90.50

For the thermostability measure, Tm, the melting temperature of protein sequence is used. Thermostability model is more accurate than the catlytic activity model. Catalytic activity values are the relative ranks, 1 being the worst, 2 being the best and 3 for okay.