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This page is dedicated to everyone that believed in our team and assisted us on our long iGEM journey.


We could not be more grateful and inspired by the consistent support we received from our Mentors.

  • Dr. Rao - Principal Investigator
  • Anna Fedders - Coordinator
  • Daniel Ryerson - Coordinator
  • Anshu Deewan - Graduate advisor (Wetlab)
  • Tarun Mahajan - Graduate advisor (Drylab)
  • Carl Schultz - Graduate advisor
  • William Woodruff - Graduate advisor (Wetlab)

Rao Lab

  • Rao Lab provided the lab space and wet lab resources and guidance for wet lab procedures.

The University of Illinois

  • Thank you to the University of Illinois for allowing iGEM to be run as a unit - it has helped us in many ways, and allowed us to devote more time to our project.


  • A big thank you to all of the academic and field experts who took time out of their day to talk to us about our project.
    • Sydney Trimble and Shawn Patterson from University of Illinois Waste Management Facility
    • Dr. Ting Lu

Outreach and Engagement

  • The whole iGEM experience could not have been more enriched without other teams.
    • iGEM Toronto and UT Austin for collaboration and partnership.
    • iGEM Calgary for hosting JulyGEM


  • iGEM sponsors
  • University of Illinois

Student members

  • Mary Cook - Member of the drylab team
    • Assisted the drylab team with gathering data for the drylab pipeline and explored multi sequence alignment tools. I also worked on designing the wiki.
  • Jefrin Joseph - Member of wetlab team
    • Helped wetlab assays and perform troubleshooting literature review and contacting professors for assistance.
  • Kristin Lai - Member of the wetlab team
    • Helped wetlab assays and implement and organize our lab procedures by keeping an updated lab notebook and thoroughly planned protocols in advance to ensure we stayed on track.
  • Suva Narayan - Member of the drylab team
    • Worked on the pipeline that generated our novel protein sequences. Also reworked the pipeline to be functional as our very own Python package!
  • Royal Shrestha - Member of the wetlab team
    • Worked on various wetlab procedures to help purify our wild-type and mutant PETase proteins. I also worked to form a partnership with the UT Austin iGEM team
  • Angela Yoon - Member of the drylab team
    • Did literature reviews and data gathering and assisted with the drylab pipeline. I worked in partnership with the Toronto team, and designed wiki.