UF iGEM 2021



Dr. Christopher Reisch
Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Cell Science

We would like to thank Dr. Reisch for his continuous support of the UF iGEM team and for providing us lab space to carry out our experiments. We would also like to thank him for his mentorship and regular presence in team meetings in the beginning stages of our project. He provided us with the necessary materials to carry out experiments vital to our project, and provided guidance along the way. Thank you, Dr. Reisch!

Dr. Anne Donnelly
Director of Center for Undergraduate Research

Dr. Donnelly played a huge role in helping fundraise and maneuvering through iGEM. She helped us navigate the important aspects of iGEM, recruit team members and diversify the team before getting started on the project.

Layla Schuster
Ph.D. Candidate

Layla played a crucial role in the wet lab component of our project by helping the wet lab team carry out their experiments. We would like to thank her for her guidance and support in the lab as well as communicating with the team outside of the lab for further analysis of our results. Thank you, Layla!

Jithran Ekanayake
Ph.D. Student

UF iGEM would like to say a big thank you to Jithran, a current Ph.D. student in the SYBORGS lab at UF. Our project would have never worked if it wasn’t for Jithran's patience, passion, and willingness to teach out members this year on design, wet lab collaborations, and overall understanding of tinkering with synthetic biology! We are very thankful for all your help!


Dr. Brian Harfe
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dr. Joseph Glover
Provost for the University of Florida
Dr. Curtis Taylor
Associate Dean of Student Affairs for the University of Florida
Dr. David Norton
Vice President of Research at the University of Florida
Microbiology Department
University of Florida
College of Health and Human Performance
University of Florida


Team Captains

Julie Mallinger
David Murcia

Wet Lab

Julie Mallinger
David Murcia
Nick Blumenthal
Abigail Hirshberg

Human Practices

Celeste Wilson
Ryanne Thelwell
Sarah Bahsoun
Alessio Barca

Dry Lab

Jacob York
Lejla Ramic
Alex Daves
Shawn Robertson
Vedic Sharma
David Murcia

Wiki Design

Garrett Fullerton
Jordan Hanson


Team SDU Denmark 2019

We would like to thank team 2019 SDU Denmark for meeting with the wet lab team over zoom to give us advice on a conjugative system to deliver CRISPR, and for sending us their plasmids. Thank you for the valuable advice!

Florida State University
Johns Hopkins University
University of Pennsylvania
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lambert High School

We would also like to thank team JHU, FSU, UPenn, MiT and Lambert highschool for collaborating with us throughout the course of the project. We appreciated exchanging advice and creating the minecraft server to share our iGEM projects with a wider audience. Thank you iGEM teams!