SulFind 2021



Our educational work resulted in several elements that we used during the school visit and at the stand at Researcher’s Night. One of these is Build-A-Bac. We are adamant that Build-A-Bac can be adopted by future iGEM teams and be incorporated in their educational approaches. We implore future adopters to modify Build-A-Bac to their specific needs and target groups. Modifications can be to increase complexity, include more elements that are needed for a plasmid to work and extend the list of genes that players can choose.

Figure 1: Build-A-Bac's setup.

Below is a link to a .zip file with everything that we used to create Build-A-Bac in english, including premade paper cutouts for genes as an alternative for 3D printing.


Improvement on UiOslo_Norway 2020’s software tool

We improved upon the user friendliness and automation of UiOslo_Norway 2020’s software tool. This included simplifying and clarifying the readme file and code comments, as well as removing several manual steps in the visualization pipeline by adding calls to Blender’s Python package (bpy).

We simplified the use of the tool such that the only step needed is to start the script in the scripting tab. This removes the manual steps that were previously required. We achieved this by automating the step of importing 3D objects and deleting the default created cube inside We believe this lowers the adoption threshold of this software to future users as well as removing repetitive steps.

Demonstration of UiOslo_Norway 2020's software tool

A brief overview of the visualization part of UiOslo_Norway 2020's software.

Demonstration of improved software tool

A short demonstration of the improvement of the visualization part of UiOslo_Norway 2020 software tool. Our improvement consists in the removal of the steps involved in deletion of the detault created object and automatic importation of the model.

iGEM software @ GitHub