SulFind 2021


Collaborations and transparency in science are core values in the iGEM community. In science little to nothing can be achieved by the means of one. However, in an environment where one can interact, discuss and collaborate, science can thrive, accelerate and blossom.

The SulFind team interacted with several iGEM teams through different collaborations, all of which were rewarding in terms of contributing to other team’s success, as well as our own. All of our collaborations are listed below.

Ethic workshop with 2020 iGEM teams

In the fall of 2020 we participated in an ethics workshop with several 2020 iGEM teams. The workshop dealt with several ethical dilemmas in the iGEM world. Amongst other things, we discussed the risks of using GMO, disposal of biosensors and sustainable production of biosensors. We also got feedback on our project idea.The teams participating were the 2020 Aalto Helsinki team, Stockholm team, Uppsala Team and the Copenhagen team. The workshop was beneficial for our project as we got valuable feedback on our project and got the opportunity to reflect on important issues related to our project.

IntestiNO with SZU-China

The SZU-China team reached out to us in July 2021 about translating a children’s game to norwegian. The game is called IntestiNO, and is a UNO-like board game meant to educate children about intestine flora and health in a fun and engaging way. This was something we really wanted to do, so we said yes and did our best to enable Norwegian children to learn in a fun style!

Figure 1: Two of the cards from SZU-China's game.

Paper plane challenge with TU Darmstadt

We participated in iGEM TU Darmstadt’s paper plane challenge on instagram in july. The challenge was to catch a paper plane, transition to a laboratory coat, and then throw it. The TU Darmstadt team collected videos from iGEM teams all over the world and assembled them into one video. In addition to being really fun, the challenge shed a light on all the different locations iGEM teams are working from, and gave us a sense of being part of the iGEM community.


Figure 2: Paper plane challenge.

Postcard to Düsseldorf

In the summer of 2021 the iGEM Düsseldorf team invited us to join the postcard project. The idea of the postcard project was to design a postcard with a description of our project and a related picture. The Düsseldorf team then collected all of the postcards, and in return sent them out to other iGEM teams all over the world. This project was really cool and inspiring as we got the chance to spread knowledge about our own project, as well as learn about the projects of other iGEM teams!


Figure 3: Received Post Cards.

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Figure 4: Front & back of our post card.

Monument challenge with iGEM GO Paris-Saclay

We were nominated by iGEM Team Lund to participate in the instagram monument challenge of iGEM GO Paris-Saclay. The challenge was simple: to take a picture in front of a characteristic building in our city and post it with the hashtag #igemmonumentchallenge. We thought this was a fun, creative idea and decided to join in! We chose to take the picture in front of the cathedral Nidarosdomen, as it is one of the most popular attractions in Trondheim and an important part of Norwegian history.


Figure 5: Our members in front of Nidarosdomen in Trondheim.

Instagram Emoji game with Aix Marseille

The iGEM Aix Marseille team invited us to participate in the instagram Emoji game. The game was to send a screenshot of some emojis we would use to describe our project. The iGEM Aix Marseille team used the emojis to make a game for guessing projects based on the emojies. We thought this challenge was quite fun and wanted to contribute!

Figure 6: Our contribution to iGEM Aix Marseille's Emoji Game.

Brussel trip with iGEM teams Thessaly, Helsinki and Leuven

We are also going to Brussel the 11.-15. november with iGEM teams from Thessaly, Helsinki and Leuven. In Brussel we are planning to visit biotechnology companies, explore the city, get to know the other iGEM’ers and their projects and watch the Giant Jamboree together!