Team:Moscow City/Collaborations

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We participated in 8 collaborations, which allowed us to engage fully in the iGEM community
Russian meet-up
All iGEM teams from Russia met online to present their projects and get to know each other better.
Fem Club with LMSU team
We supported and advertised this fantastic initiative for empowering women in science, organized by the iGEM LMSU team. Our team member - Ioanna - was also a host in several meetings of the Fem club.
Manual translation
with iGEM MEPhI
All Russian teams contributed to translating the manual “Engineering Biology Problems book” from Russian to English. This colossal work made this practical manual accessible and understandable for the global community interested in biology and engineering.
iGEM Bolivia and Manual
for future iGEMers
We met with the iGEM Bolivia team and shared our experience of participating in iGEM to transfer it for future generations of iGEMers. We are glad that our expertise potentially can be helpful for people all over the world.
CRISPR Conference
We also participated in CRISPR Conference, and it was a valuable scientific collaboration for us. We discussed methods that we use in our project and shared a lot of helpful information.
Meeting with iGEM UGM and iGEM NYC
We also collaborated with two wonderful teams, met online to tell each other about our projects and share our experiences.
Collaboration with
Collaboration with iGEM MIPT was one of the most meaningful and valuable for us. We met in person, discussed potential future collaborations, presented our project, and visited their lab.