Team:Moscow City/Attributions

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Meet our team
Kirill Medvedev
Student team leader and co-founder
Created the team, raised funding for our project, gave lectures about creating a team for the iGEM, coordinated the work
Daria Latortseva
Student team leader and team co-founder
Created the team, contacted veterinarians and stables, gave lectures about what is the iGEM, and coordinated the teamwork
Alisa Potapova
Team leader in science
Chief of wet lab. Author of our manuals and our team’s contribution ideas
Pavel Ivanov-Rostovtsev
Wet-lab researcher
Did experiments on molecular cloning of dCas13a and split beta-lactamase. Helped design plan of experiments
Yaroslav Ugolkov
Wet-lab researcher
Invited many team members, worked in a wet lab, designed our CRISPR/Сas method
Ciara Makievskaya
Wet-lab researcher
Worked with science communication in our project and provided science content to our social media.
Anton Changalidi
Dry lab researcher
Helped to determine gRNAs for our project. Helped us in brainstorming from the bioinformatics field
Ioanna Pataraya
SMM and content manager
Contributed a lot to our education and communication strategy, was responsible for collaborations and partnerships, and suggested an idea about the EHV.
Lavrenty Danilov
Dry lab researcher
Found sequences of different types of EHV, chose and visualized common sequences of all EHV genomes, determined gRNAs for our project
Maria Glushanina
SMM and content manager
Helped with collaborations and contributed to education and communication criteria.
Savely Kaurtaev
Brand manager
Designed and filmed the promotion and the presentation videos, designed wiki, and drew pictures for social media, wiki, and videos
Anastasiia Shirobokova
Organized all the English-speaking clubs, translated Wiki material and emails
Zakhar Vozmilov
Web developer
Set our wiki
Meet our mentors
Dr. Maxim Patrushev
Primary PI
Shared his lab with us, helped us choose a suitable method for diagnostics, gave a lot of valuable advice about the project and life.
Dr. Ilya Zubarev
Secondary PI
Helped us with organizing several lectures, supported us when we thought all was lost. In addition, he checked our Wiki texts.
Maxim Bokov
Helped us a lot with starting a team, finding PI, and were giving support during the whole competition.
Nick Delkis
iGEM 19’ 20’ 21’ - helped us with questions about lab work, filling the wiki, and fundraising help and advice
Maria Koshkina
Project support
She joined our team two days after the team roster deadline but contributed a lot to our team. She helped us with modeling: calculated connection of binding of two beta-lactamases to prove that their connection is an energetically beneficial process
Ruslan Vasilyev
Taught us how to work in SnapGene and composed a cloning map there, supervised our lab work.
Dr. Dmitriy Karpov
Helped us choose the right Cas protein for our test system and carefully evaluated all our ideas in brainstorming.
Ekaterina Batenko
Lab support
Helped us find new sponsors
Marta Evteeva
Helped us in our lab work and tutored us
Natalia Vereshchagina
Helped us in our lab work and guided us
Anna Borisova
Technical support
Helped us in our lab work with minor experiments.
Dr. Timofei Zatsepin
Helped us a lot with brainstorming our ideas and defining what we needed to develop each of them.
Anna Kozlova
Helped us with modeling.
Human Practices support
Vera Kuzmina

Helped us with contacting regional veterinary and stables.
Ekaterina Batenko

Helped us with finding many veterinarians and new sponsors
Thanks to
Dr. Maxim Nikitin
And his lab for opening us new types of diagnostic systems and giving an optimistic clash to our perception of life
Thanks to
Dr. Alexey Shaitan
For critically assessing our chances to create some ideas
Thanks to
Dr. Alexandr Tyakht and Mr. George Blanc
For helping us to develop an idea related to the cider microbiome. Unfortunately, we did not choose this idea due to the lack of time.
Thanks to
Sagi Sheinkman
For helping us organize a Jamboree meet-up in November and sharing a helpful contact for giving a lecture to the students.
Featured Sponsors

Helicon and esp. Mr. Anatoly Smirnov
They gave us laboratory equipment, money to pay all the fees and helped us contact government agencies connected with animals and their diagnostics
Gave us money for team polos and software
Gave us laboratory equipment
Regarding the synthetic biology class
Sadly, none of our team member's universities offer classes in synthetic biology.
The project’s timeline

Decided to participate in iGEM and started a team recruiting process
March - May
Conducted meetings with different scientists to find a PI and corporations for money-raising purposes. At the same time, we brainstormed a lot, beginning in March
After successfully finding a PI, developed a plan and schedule for our project
June - August
Started learning wet lab methods of synthetic biology while preparing for our lab work: synthesizing primers and ordering reagents and equipment
Began working in the lab on our project