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This table includes all the parts utilised for the design of the project. We have 2 coding parts and 2 regulatory parts. This year 2 contributions have been made to the registry, the Cry1Ab gene sequence and the sequence for the Alkali inducible promoter that responds to alkali shock. As we got very late lab access this year, we were unable to characterize any of the parts.
Part Type Description Alkali inducible promoter [1]

Regulatory A promoter induced in conditions of antibiotic, salt, and most importantly alkaline stress. CRY Toxin [2]

Coding Bacillus thuringiensis endotoxin Cry1Ab protein-coding region. proB[3]

Regulatory Promoter RBS+ scar[4]

RBS Ribosome binding site and RE scar Pseudomonas sp. acdS[5]

Coding A part designed to produce ACC deaminase T7 Terminator[6]

Terminator Terminator for terminating transcription pDR111[7] Vector Integrative vector for integration in the amyE region in B.subtilis and a shuttle vector that works in E.coli.