iGEM Lund 2021

iGEM Lund 2021



During the course of the iGEM cycle, team Lund participated in three different collaborations. In July, we visited iGEM Linköping to participate in an episode of their podcast, Attempting Science where we discussed all different aspects of iGEM and our projects. In early august we traveled to Gothenburg and visited a sister university that hosted the Nordic iGEM Conference where we presented our project, listened to the other teams presentations and met new friends. During the summer we also cooperated with CCU_Taiwan and helped translate a children's book to Swedish in order to help them reach more people and educate them on the topic of bacteria. All these collaborations have been very interesting and rewarding for our team and we are very happy to have made this many friends along the way.

Podcast with Team Linköping

Attempting science logo

We in Team Lund heard that the team from Linköping was making a podcast so we threw ourselves on our computers and sent them an email asking if we could join and thankfully they welcomed us with open arms! After some planning and emailing back and forth we sent two people from our team, Melina Claesson Stern and Elin Stemme, on a train to Linköping in order to record episode four of the podcast called Attempting Science. When we arrived we met up with the Linköping team, had something to eat and talked a bit before we got up and walked into the recording studio. During this podcast episode we talked about iGEM as a community, our own projects and our best tips and tricks for a successful project.
Find and listen to the podcast on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Troop from iGEM Lund in Linköping before the podcast

Melina Claesson Stern, Elin Stemme and Cajsa Thulin in Linköping before the recording of the podcast.

Nordic iGEM Championship, NiC

In early august we sent four team members to participate in the Nordic iGEM Conference, NiC, at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden. NiC is an annual jamboree in mini-format arranged by the Nordic iGEM teams and was co-arranged by team Linköping and team Gothenburg this year. The weekend started with all the teams getting together for barbecue and just getting to know each other. The rest of the time consisted of presentations of each and every team and their individual projects. This was very insightful and inspiring for the team since we learned so much about other projects and the team's work. We also got feedback from the judges on how we could improve our project and presentation which will come in handy for the final video.

Troop from iGEM Lund in Gothenburg before NiC

Book translation with CCU Taiwan

The War On Germs front page

Team CCU_Taiwan, contacted us with an offer to translate a children’s book to Swedish. The book is aimed towards parents and teachers aiding them to educate and discuss the topic of bacteria, antibiotic resistance and what antimicrobial peptides are. We follow a human main character who gets a wound and we start following the immune defense in his body trying to combat the germs that have entered his system. The English title “The War on Germs” turned into “Kriget mot bacillerna” in Swedish and became a cute as well as an educational addition to the list of collaborations.