Team:KAIT Japan

Dietary habits changed by E. coli

We thought that since E. coli is easy to grow and transform, we could create new foods by incorporating the enzymes of the microorganisms used in fermented foods. Although E. coli is often disliked by people, it is the perfect bacteria to use for experiments. By making E. coli familiar through its use in food, We want people to know that E. coli is an amazing organism. We also believe that the ease with which E. coli can be grown makes it possible to produce fermented foods in a non-specific environment. Fermented foods are known for their ease of nutrient absorption and long-term preservation, so We believe that they could be a solution to hunger.


Our team could not participate in this contest without assistance from these companies. They supported our project expenses such as experimental costs, registration and participation fees. Thanks to all the following sponsors !!

Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Integrated DNA Technologies

Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd