Team Members

Justus Arndt

B.Sc. Chemistry

Justus was one of our two team leaders. Besides general organisational tasks he was responsible for sponsoring efforts and communicating with our PI. In the lab he and Nico figured out how our pipetting robot could be put to good use.

Marcel Zimmeck

M.Sc. Molecular Life Science

Marcel was an organisation beast this year. As one of our team leaders he always knew what’s what and what our next steps would be. He designed a lot of the experiments and assemblies.

Vanessa Lewandowski

M.Sc. Chemistry

Vanessa was one of our more experienced members. She helped a lot in the lab and always knew who to ask if we needed help. Outside the lab she likes to learn various other skills. She is currently learning how to kite surf and plans to get her motorcycling license afterwards.

Khadija Rombi

B.Sc. Biology

In our team Khadi was a regular in our lab and was always busy with our protein extractions. Besides iGEM she was busy with her bachelor's thesis. Khadi is known for loving ice cream. She’d get ice cream for lunch every single day. Every. Single. Day. (Rumour has it she doesn’t eat anything but ice cream.)

Mia Le

M.Sc. Bioinformatics

She was once an example-story of what not to do in the lab. Perhaps that was the reason she changed from biotechnology towards a more desk-based focus. Her favourite programming language is, of course, Python. Her alternative to working in bioinformatics is selling ice cream. Khadi doesn’t seem to be alone in her love for ice cream.

Ezgi Köz

M.Sc. Chemistry

Ezgi was an all around good team member. She helped in designing our logo and picked up some cells a couple hours away from our home city. Besides iGEM, Ezgi likes to experiment with plant seeds and general gardening.

Nico Bäse

M.Sc. Chemistry

Nico and Justus were always playing around with our pipetting robot. Of course they were working on 'optimising the efficiency of crucial workflows' though. Besides pipetting robots Nico was an absolute sponsoring beast. Nico got us a lot of partnerships with different corporations.

Justin Lübbers

M.Sc. Bioinformatics

Justin is, just like Mia, responsible for Bioinformatics. For some reason Justin chose funnels as his favourite and the most underappreciated lab equipment. Coincidentally his favourite lab activity is funnelling. Conflictingly, his favourite chemical is water and not ethanol. His favourite microorganisms are Smurfs.

Lukas Schulte

M.Sc. Chemistry

Lukas is responsible for all of our orders and finances. As this isn’t his first year doing iGEM, Lukas knows what’s what in the lab. Lukas likes colours in the lab. Besides stating that gold nanoparticles are red, he likes Titanocene dichloride because of it’s nice colour. His favourite lab activity is anything with colours.

Marie Eichholtz

B.Sc. Molecular Life Science

Marie was very engaged in our Public Education efforts. She and Emilie were responsible for planning and hosting the „Girls’ and Boys’ Day“ where we educated school children about biochemistry and let them extract DNA from vegetables. Her favourite microorganisms are any and all Mariene microorganisms (yes, she forced me to include this joke).

Ben Bimberg

M.Sc. Chemistry

Ben helped a lot in and around the lab and was our expert when it came to our mass spectrometry data. Besides iGEM he was busy with his masters thesis. His favourite lab method is column chromatography and his arch enemy are 'easy' reactions.

Marius Heitmann

B.Sc. Chemistry

Marius tasked himself with the huge responsibility of organising when we could go into the lab. Because of the pandemic we had varying limitations on how many people could be in the lab at the same time. Thankfully he managed to fill the lab to its full capacity at all times.

Juliana Rivera Camacho

B.Sc. Biology

Juliana was always a happy face in our team. Her positivity is really infectious. Besides being happy, Juliana was a really productive force in the team and always pushed our lab gallery project. Her favourite microorganisms are Asgardarchaeota because of their incredible strength.

Mohammad Nour Nakkar

M.Sc. Molecular Life Science

Mohammad always found time to go into the lab. His favourite lab method is colony PCR and his favourite device is gel electrophoresis. Mohammad really likes gels and adding samples to the gels. His favourite chemical is nitrous oxide and he likes to explore new things.

Emilie Scheer

B.Sc. Molecular Life Science

Emilie was always busy working on our Education and Public Engagement projects. She and Marie were responsible for planning and hosting the „Girls’ and Boys’ Day“ where we educated school children about biochemistry and let them extract DNA from vegetables. Besides iGEM Emilie is busy eating walnut ice cream (another ice cream lover) and crying during almost every movie she watches.

Finja Schipke

B.Sc. Molecular Life Sciences

Besides lab work Finja was busy with managing our social media accounts. Her favourite microorganism is Giardia duodenalis (because it is always smiling) and her favourite lab activity is just watching the gel electrophoresis. Her lab struggle is lighting the bunsen burner.

Alea Osman

M.Sc. Chemistry

Alea did all the work for building our website and a lot of work creating our wiki. Quite a piece of work if I might say so. Her favourite chemical is, of course, acetone. If that isn’t good taste I don’t know what is. To survive a long day in the lab she needs mainly one thing: coffee.

Antonia Gocke

B.Sc. Molecular Life Sciences

Toni was quite busy with getting her Bachelor's degree this year, but she still managed to help the team here and there. Even though she couldn't enter the lab this year, she helped in planning and making the presentation video, digitalised the lab book and many other things. Sadly, she missed her favourite tool the multistep pipette very much.


Bjarne Klopprogge

M.Sc. Molecular Life Sciences

Marvin Skiba

M.Sc. Nanoscience

Nick Piwon

B.Sc. Molecular Life Sciences

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