Team:CAU China/Parts



We have registered 15 basic parts and 8 composite parts this year. Below we arrange them in accordance with the order we presented in Results and most of them have been fully documented on the Registry. Click the part number for more details.

Basic Part
Name Type Description Designer Length
BBa_K3796000 Regulatory Corynebacterium glutamicum strong constitutive promoter P0864 Li Mingyang 50
BBa_K3796001 RBS Corynebacterium glutamicum strong RBS Li Mingyang 9
BBa_K3796002 Coding capA from Bacillus subtilis str.168 Li Mingyang 1143
BBa_K3796003 Coding capB from Bacillus subtilis str.168 Li Mingyang 1182
BBa_K3796004 Coding capC from Bacillus subtilis str.168 Li Mingyang 450
BBa_K3796005 RBS Corynebacterium glutamicum weak RBS Zheng yang 10
BBa_K3796006 Coding α- Ketoglutarate dehydrogenase(odhA) from C.glutamicum ATCC 13032 Zheng yang 3666
BBa_K3796202 Coding Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (ppc) from C.glutamicum ATCC 13032 Yiwei Wang 2760
BBa_K3796212 RBS A strong strength RBS Yiwei Wang 9
BBa_K3796214 DNA Antisense of odhA sequence Yang Feiyue 3774
BBa_K3796203 Coding ndoA (endoribonuclease toxin in Bacillus subtilis) Yang Feiyue 351
BBa_K3796204 Regulatory P-atp2 (alkali inducible promoter) Yang Feiyue 37
BBa_K3796205 Coding bjGFP Yang Feiyue 717
BBa_K3796208 Coding LacIq (coding for lac repressor) Yang Feiyue 972
BBa_K3796213 Terminator rrnB regulatory region in the plasmid pXMJ19 Yang Feiyue 427
Composite Part
BBa_K3796219 Composite P0864 strength measurement Li Mingyang 1222
BBa_K3796220 Composite P0864 strength measurement blank Li Mingyang 1164
BBa_K3796008 Composite capABC for gamma-PGA synthesis Li Mingyang 3096
BBa_K3796216 Composite RNAi route for odhA repression Yang Feiyue 5258
BBa_K3796206 Composite PgsiB-rbs-gfp-terminator Yixian Zheng 2252
BBa_K3796207 Composite Patp2-rbs-gfp-terminator Yang Feiyue 1212
BBa_K3796217 Composite Ptac-rbs-ndoA-terminator Yang Feiyue 872
BBa_K3796209 Composite PgsiB-LacIq-terminator-Patp2-LacIq-terminator-Ptac-ndoA-terminator Yang Feiyue 3827